Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Crap. It's almost quitting time and no blog entry.

I had lunch today with Jennifer at the Ranch and it was good.

It seems like a bunch of the clients have been a little whiney lately, which is confusing to me since I feel like I'm working as hard as ever.
Two of my clients ran into some harsh reality today when they found out that the DA's office isn't really as cool about starting a marijuana farm in your apartment as High Times or the NORML website might have led them to believe. This kind of thing seems to come up more and more frequently lately- well-intentioned hippies running aground upon the shores of a legal system which is much less forgiving than their lifestyle allows for. I'm trying my best to help these dudes out, but their case is WEAK (here's a hint folks, if you're growing pot in your apartment, try to avoid parties, arguments, or any other activities with excessive noise which might draw the cops. once they show up and they want to come inside, you're going to have problems- warrant or not).
I hope tomorrow is less stressful than today.


Anonymous said...

Dr.Palka writes:
Today's interesting medical admission involves an obese 45 year old man who decided, for whatever reason, to stick a large squash into his rectum.
I'm assuming he thought it would feel pleasurable?
(I will not comment here on human-plant love, the love that dare not speak its name....)
The vegetable was unable to be extricated, so Mr. X did what any patriotic, red-blooded American
alpha male would do.
He asked his Filipino bride for assistance.
She, being the McGuyver of Manila, decided to use a POWER DRILL to remove the gourd from his arse.
The vegetable was smashed into multiple pieces.
And the drill went through his colon, which, as you might expect, is a very very bad thing.

The good news: the squash is now out of his colon.
The bad news: he is now missing the distal part of his colon, and has a colostomy bag....

Thinning the Herd.


Anonymous said...

And who is this Peabo who is wise in the ways of Westwood Warriordom?


The League said...


Steanso said...

Peabo would be none other than Jeffrey Allen Peek, Westwood Warrior class of '93, attorney at large, and current host of the #1 rated Spanish language talk radio program in Austin, TX. Kudos to Palka for his tale of stalwart medical bravery! Via con dios, Pope!!