Monday, February 06, 2012

The Weekend

The weekend was really good!
On Friday night Amy and I braved a few rain showers to drive out to Gruene Hall to see the Old 97's.  It was a really fun show.  I used to listen to the Old 97's way back when I was in college and early law school, but somehow I had sort of forgotten about them, which was a dumb thing to do.  Amy's a fan, and her enthusiasm for the band helped return them to their rightful place on my radar.
(the Old 97's play a dancehall in what I can only assume
must be in Ohio)
The Old 97's play a fairly unique version of fast paced alternative country (which definitely has as driving rock feel to it), and their lyrics are smart, witty, and sometimes poignant.  They're from Dallas, originally, and although their songs run a wide range of topics, they don't let you forget that they're from Texas and pretty proud of it.  They're a national/international act at this point, and I've got to say that they're a really cool group to have out their touring as ambassadors for Texas music. 
(photobomb by random drunk guy
notwithstanding, I like this picture!)
(it turns out that Amy can appreciate
a dusty ol' dancehall!)
The Old 97's put on a really fun, uptempo, high energy live show, and it felt really cool to be seeing them wind up their tour at one of the oldest dancehalls in Texas (the band seemed pretty excited about the show, too- it sounded like a number of them had family who'd travelled to come to the show).  I'm not exactly a cowboy hat and boot wearing kind of guy, but I've made my home in Texas since early elementary school, and I'm here to say that seeing the Old 97's show at Gruene Hall was one of those experiences that made me feel good about living in this crazy ol' state.

(somehow Rhett Miller snuck on during
Caitlin Rose's set to get a better look at Amy)
The opening act was Caitlin Rose.  She was really good, too.  Mostly mellower than the Old 97s, with a sort of Patsy Cline vibe.  Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller joined Caitlin and her band onstage for one of her faster songs, "Shanghai Cigarettes".

(Mom getting props for the cake
Dad got for Amy!)
On Saturday we went over to my parents house to see my folks, Ryan and Jamie, and our family friend, Barb Boullear, who was visiting from Phoenix.  We had a nice lunch and hung out for a while and then Mom ambushed Amy with a birthday cake, which was awfully nice.
It was good to see Barb again and have a chance to hang out with the fam.
Saturday night we hung out at home and watched The Spanish Prisoner.  I had only seen it once, a long time ago, and I wanted to watch it again.  It's an interesting movie.  Like a lot of David Mamet's stuff, it sort of feels like a play.  Anyway, it's probably not for everyone, but I enjoyed watching it again.

(somehow musicals make Jaci, Heidi,
and Amy smile) 
On Sunday night we went to see Wicked at Bass Concert Hall with our friends, Jaci and Heidi.  It was really fun.  Kind of a birthday celebration for Amy (her birthday is the 7th).  We went out to dinner at Parkside beforehand and had some really good food (strange location over there on the old, main part of 6th Street, but a nice place) and then we went to the musical after that.
Wicked, true to the reports, was really good.  It was funny and clever (I didn't really know the story, so it was interesting to see how it dovetailed into The Wizard of Oz), and the music was really good.  I'd heard some Broadway hopefuls singing songs from Wicked when I was up in a bar in New York a while back (performers worked at this place when they were between performance gigs), and I've been wanting to see it ever since. 
It was a really nice night.

So that was the weekend.  Very fun. 
Life is good these days.  ;-)

Hope everyone is doing well!

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