Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Update (with special guest stars Jean and Heidi!)

So the weekend was good.  On Thursday night Amy and I went to see Trombone Shorty, and while we were at the show, Amy's mom, Jean, and her sister, Heidi, were jetting into town.
We didn't hang out with them on Thursday night, but on Friday Amy spent some time during the day hanging out.  Friday night Ryan and Jamie joined the Davis ladies and myself for dinner at the Chuy's on South Mopac, and we all had a really nice time.  Ryan had never met Heidi or Jean before, and Jamie had never met Heidi, so it was a nice chance for all of them to meet, and a good opportunity for the Davis and Steans clans to hang out a bit and relax.  It was a nice evening!
On Saturday I got together with Dad and Ryan for lunch, and then Dad and I put together some storage shelves for my garage.  All of this took place while the Davis women rode with my mom out to Fredericksburg for some shopping and hanging out.  It seems like everyone had a nice day all the way around (even though it rained a bit).

Saturday night we went out to Bess Bistro for dinner in honor or Jean and Heidi's birthdays.  We had a really nice time.  Amy and I really like Bess, and it was really fun to share it.  We all really enjoyed one another's company, and the food was tasty.  There was a small mishap involving our waitress and a glass of wine, but it got us champagne and dessert, so it worked out just fine!

On Sunday Amy spent some more time with her mom and sister in the morning.  In the afternoon they all came back to the house.  The four of us took a walk with Cassidy around our neighborhood, and then we walked over to the Central Market Cafe for lunch.
It was a nice visit.  I really hope Jean and Heidi enjoyed their little vacation here in Austin.  We really enjoyed having them!

Well, that was it for the weekend.  Yesterday I had the day off for President's Day.  Beautiful weather!  I spent a lot of the day moving stuff around in my house in preparation for getting some new floors put in next weekend, but I had the windows open, the radio on, and my trusty dog at my side, so it was a pretty nice day, all in all.
That's it!  Hope all is well out there.  I can feel spring in the air here in Austin, and this makes me very happy.  :-)


Jean said...

We had the best time! Thanks for making our trip awesome -- the food, company, dog walking, guitar concert, and family time were fantastic! See you soon. :-)

J.S. said...

Glad you had a good time! It was fun seeing you guys!