Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Weekend Update

Our weekend was sort of a weird mix of being low key and mildly busy.
On Friday Amy joined me for a quick happy hour party to celebrate birthdays with some courthouse people.  Afterward we went over to play games with Reid, Jim, and Seth.  We played Navegador, a strategy board game about the Portuguese Age of Discovery.  It was fun.  We've played these games several times now, and I think I'm just finally starting to get the hang of them a little.  And it's always nice of Reid to have us over.  We enjoy both the company and the games.
On Saturday we took Cassidy to the park, exercised, and... I'm not sure what....
I know we watched a movie.  Tristram Shandy:  A Cock and Bull Story.  It was interesting.  Sort of a mockumentary about the making of a British historical costume drama.  Definitely different than what I was expecting.  It was funny, but its comedy ranged from simple giggle-inducing slapstick to more thought provoking satire about "art" films and the kind of people who make and watch them.  In the end, I liked it.   
Sunday involved church and shopping and band practice.
Amy's thinking of joining Central Presbyterian Church, and I've been going with on Sundays.  Nice people.  They really pride themselves on being open minded, welcoming of diversity, and tolerant of other viewpoints, beliefs, and faiths.  On top of that, their sermons tend to be sort of interesting and thought provoking.  It's good.
Other from church we did some grocery shopping (driving over there in the sleet!), I got a haircut, and we had band practice.
Amy made some really good pasta in white wine sauce afterward with spinach and sausage.  Very good.
So, not too exciting this weekend, but very pleasant.  :-)

Hope everyone else has been doing well!

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