Friday, February 17, 2012

Trombone Shorty

Last night Amy and I went to The Moody Theater to see Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue.  The show was great!  The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened.
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band's opening set was really good, and really could have stood alone as a show unto itself.  They were great to listen to, and they really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  They got a great crowd reaction, which was really nice given the fact taht they were in an opening slot (sometimes opening bands just don't get a fair shake).  I'd be more than happy to just go see them headline sometime. 

Troy Andrews (aka, Trombone Shorty) is not only an amazingly talented horn player (trombone and trumpet) and singer- he also has a certain sense of old school, hardworking showmanship that brings to mind James Brown and other classic funk, blues, and soul performers (maybe Ray Charles?).  He has a great stage persona, working hard to win the audience over with his talent and energy.  It's kind of a welcome change in an era when many musicians (especially talented ones) seem to approach performance with a "the audience is fortunate to have the chance to hear me" attitude.
Orleans Avenue was a great backing band- extremely capable musicians who seemed to be having a great time with the crowd.
Anyway, Amy and I both had a really fun time.  It felt sort of like being at a giant party with a really good house band!  Also, once again, the experience of seeing a show at The Moody Theater was really cool.  Really good sound, and it's fun to see a show right downtown Austin.
Very nice night!

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