Wednesday, February 15, 2012

American Central

This is another Wastewood song.  I wrote after Ryan and I took a trip to Costa Rica together back in 2008.  Reed does some shaker work on this one (okay, maybe they aren't actually shakers, but they're some sort of shaker-like percussion instrument).


Anonymous said...

You're basically right. Technically speaking, it's a nut shell shaker.

My parents' got it for me, but I don't remember from where.

Your music inspired me to use it. I only use it on a few songs. Two Mono E songs: "Like Seed" (throughout), "Fiddle & Drum" (just the start), and on the start of one Mono E cover: "I Never Cared For You" by Willie Nelson. No Mother's Monkey or Monkey Face songs or covers.


"Rule #1 is don't drop the , no. Rule #1 is don't sell your drums. Rule #2 is don't drop the mic..."

J.S. said...

I knew you'd clear up the shaker ambiguity for us, Reed!
What people can't tell from just listening to the music is that whenever Reed uses that shaker, he also dons a serape and a sombrero...