Monday, March 21, 2011

RIP Pinetop

Grammy winning blues piano player (and Austin resident) Pinetop Perkins has died. The man was like 97 years old.
I only saw Pinetop play music once, and that was at a memorial party for Jeff Wilson that was held at Joe Turner's office. I never really understood how Pinetop came to be at that party (Joe has a lot of interesting friends, including Willie Nelson, so it's probably not quite as strange as it seems).
Anyway, Mr. Perkins played the piano really well that night, and he didn't miss a beat in flirting with the ladies and cracking jokes.
Given his age, Pinetop's death isn't a huge shock, but this city is definitely going to miss him, and I'm grateful to him for having helped to make a sort of strange memory from my life a little bit merrier.

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