Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy Weekend

So, it was kind of a busy weekend. On Friday, Amy and I went to see Cedar Rapids at the Alamo on South Lamar. The movie was pretty good. It was a fairly straightforward sort of delayed coming of age type of story where a grown (but very innocent and naive) man has his horizons broadened quite a bit during a business trip to the "big city" of Cedar Rapids. John C. Reilly was, once again, comic gold.

At the same time that our movie was showing, the Independent Film Channel was hosting an event at the Alamo. Danny Devito, Rosario Dawson, and a third celebrity- a woman I couldn't recognize (so help me out if you recognize her in ythis pic, and post a comment) were all in attendance for the IFC event. They were shaking hands and having their pictures taken with people. Kind of cool. I remember seeing Danny Devito on TV and in movies since I was a little kid (his character on Taxi was cranky enough to almost scare me a little bit). Anyway, it was a fun night.

Saturday night I went with Amy, Ryan, and Jamie to see some roller derby at the Palmer Events center. We saw the Putas del Fuegos square off against the Hellcats. Amy and I were both first time roller derby fans, and we had a really good time! I liked it. I think that more sports should probably resolve their penalties with arm wrestling, tug of war, and pillow fights. Those girls really knock the crap out of each other.

It was also kind of cool to see that roller derby pulls in such a diverse crowd. Somehow I had imagined that everyone in the crowd would be covered in tattoos and piercings, but it was actually a pretty tame group (although, come to think of it, intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett did make an appearance).

Also on Saturday and Sunday, my dad and Ryan helped me put together a new entertainment center for my house. Amy helped out with the organizing. The picture at left demonstrates one of the many ways that Ryan "helped".

Anyway, even with all of the help it was a pretty time consuming process. Without any help at all I'm not sure it would have gotten doen in one weekend. So big thanks to Dad, Amy, and Ryan! My living room looks much better!
I also had band practice last night with Reed, Eric, and Jim (which was pretty good), and had lunch yesterday with my folks and Ryan and Jamie. Plus I ran a few errands.
A good weekend, but a busy one.
So that's it! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their week. It's Spring Break week here in Austin, so everyone who has this week off should make sure to enjoy it!!!


The League said...

Seriously, the living room moved from "TV Cave" to "Living Space" in one weekend. It looks sharp. As did I with my pipe-cleaner mustache.

I have to say, I am hoping this helps make a case for wall units in our own living room instead of the "got it at Target" thing we've had for years.

cardboardbelts said...

I literally LOLed when I saw the photo of Ryan. I knew leaving those pipe cleaners out was a bad idea.

cardboardbelts said...

oh and Carla Gugino was the other mystery celeb at the Alamo. She was parole officer Lucille in Sin City.

J.S. said...

@ League- Yeah! Thanks for the help. And yeah, the whole entertainment center thing really lightens the place up.
@ carboardbelts- You should ask my mom about why it's not good to play with pipecleaners when next you see her. And good detective work on Carla Gugino. I'm assuming you found an article somewhere or something...?