Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mom's Birthday and the Houston Rodeo

So the family joined together down in Houston this weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday (it was a sort of a big one. It's not polite to say a lady's age, so I won't, but it rhymes with twixty jive).
We went to the Houston Rodeo to celebrate Mom's birthday, and I thought it was really fun. I really hadn't been to a rodeo since I was a kid (I wanna say I was in elementary school or something like that).
The rodeo was cool. Bullriding, as it turns out, is still a favorite of mine. It's just absolutely nuts to see someone get on top of a huge, angry animal and hang on for dear life.
Anyway, the whole experience was just a good reminder of what part of what it means to live in Texas. The Houston Rodeo is kind of a weird phenomenon because it takes place in the middle of a domed stadium in the middle of a major metropolitan city, but it celebrates a rural way of life that's not only an important part of Texas history and tradition, but an ongoing lifestyle for a lot of people who live in smaller towns and communities across the state. The rodeo sort of celebrates it all- both as an event for people who are kind of paying homage to the traditions of a place where they grew up (because even a lot of the city slickers have relatives who've worked on ranches, farms, oilfields, etc.) and as a gathering place for some rural Texans relax, have fun, and take pride in what they do.
Anyway, I know that there are rodeos in different places all over the country, but I just can't help feeling that Texas has really raised the whole thing to some kind of unique art form. The scale and size and spectacle of the Houston Rodeo just feels distinctly Texan. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it felt. I had a really good time.

We also went to The Aquarium restaurant downtown Houston. It's a fun place (if you've never been there, then, yup, you guessed it- the restaurant is inside a big ol' aquarium), and the food is good. It was good to hang out and have a nice meal with our family and The Magsigs!
Anyway, happy birthday to Mom! It was a nice weekend!


Paul Toohey said...

Hopefully the Aquarium Restaurant isn't a seafood joint, that might be a little odd watching "dinner" swim around before being the entree.

The League said...

They do serve seafood, but not directly from the tanks. And, no, I did not feel any more guilty than had I been eating Chik-Fil-A at a chicken farm.

J.S. said...

And there are a whole lot of fish out there who pretty much eat other fish for a living. Fish on fish violence might be so common as to barely be shocking in the animal world...