Friday, March 18, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday was good! Amy made migas for me in the morning (I "helped"), and we went out and did the South by Southwest thing in the afternoon and evening.
We went to a day party for French bands and saw part of a set for a pretty cool group called Revolver. They had good, three part harmonies, and a cello player in the bass slot. Amy and I both liked them. We wandered up Red River, and I recognized the sound of TV on the Radio doing sound check at Stubb's. Somehow I managed to wander inside and watch them play for a few minutes before security kicked me out.
Then we wandered over to The Mohawk, and watched good sets by Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears followed by a really catchy one man techno act by a guy called Diamond Rings. Both of those shows were really cool. I love both the horns and rhythm section for BJL, and Diamond Rings actually turned out to be really good (plus, John O. from Diamond Rings had a good sense of humor and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Stellar dance moves!!)

Last night we went to see Twin Shadow and The Strokes at Auditorium Shores. Big crowds, but the weather was beautiful. I really liked Twin Shadow. I'm not a huge fan of The Strokes, but they're catchy enough, and we hung out for the beginning part of that show until the place got really crowded and nutty, and then we fled.
Anyway, thanks to everyone for the phone calls and the texts and Facebook messages!
Birthdays always bring out a bit of self reflection in me, and once again, I felt like I had a lot to be thankful for this year. Thanks to Amy for spending the day experiencing SXSW madness with me, and thanks to all of the people who I didn't get to see on my birthday for being understanding. It's just hard to pull off the SXSW thing and still get in a lot of time for other activities.
My friends and family help make it nice to celebrate birthdays, so I appreciate all of you guys!!

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