Friday, March 04, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays for Mom and Jeff!!!

So today marks a birthday that's shared by both my mom, Karen "The Karebear" Steans, as well as a very good friend of mine, Jeff Wilson, who passed away back in 2006. In recent years I've felt a bit bad when March 4th comes around because my Mom's birthday falls on Jeff's birthday, and I still miss Jeff a whole lot (I really can't believe that five of his birthdays have gone by since his passing). It still really makes me sad that he's not still around for his own birthday celebration.
Even though life goes on and things keep changing, it really bums me out that there are important people in my life now who will never have the chance to meet Jeff. It bothers me that Amy was never given the chance to meet Jeff, and even at work I think of all of the new prosecutors and defense attorneys who've never met Jeff, but who would have really liked him and would have gotten along well with him if they'd gotten the chance. (and let me take a second to reemphasize my plea to beg everyone not to drink and drive- I'm not the only person missing Jeff today because of the DWI fatality that took his life)
Anyway, Jeff wouldn't like a bunch of sad talk on his birthday. He was a guy who really celebrated life and tried to live it to the fullest, so that's the sort of thing I need to focus on today, anyway! Also, my mom, like Jeff, is a person who has always lived life to the fullest and who uses each day to celebrate her family, her friends, and all of the things that she's blessed with.
So, I need to be thinking of March 4th as life appreciation day. That's how both Jeff and The Karebear roll, and it's a lesson that's well worth setting aside a special day for!

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