Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day!

Those of you who don't live in Austin probably don't understand the cultural and social importance of the much revered Texas Snow Day. From time to time throughout the year (especially in the dog days of summer, when we're baking in the heat) we occasionally speculate about whether we're in store for one of those winters when freezing temperatures and a little bit of moisture might shut the whole town down. We don't have snow tires, we can't really drive at all on ice, and the city pretty much comes to a screeching halt the moment we get any amount of frozen water on the road. People from other parts of the country sort of mock us for our cowardice in the face of winter weather, but they don't understand how awful we are at driving in the stuff, and, more importantly, they don't understand how much we cherish the opportunity to have a free, unplanned day when we can just shut everything down and take it easy (usually spending a large part of our time inside, staying warm and cozy). It's like a chance to just get an unplanned "time out" from life.
So last night we got about an inch of snow. The schools shut down, most businesses closed, and government offices shut down. Now I'm at home instead of work.

Here's Amy's car:

And here's Cassidy, playing in the snow with my neighbor's dog:

Happy Snow Day, everyone!

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