Monday, February 07, 2011

Happy birthday, Amy! Superbowl

Happy birthday to Amy today!

She doesn't entirely love celebrating her birthday, but I want her to have a great day, anyway. :-)

Amy's great! I love her! I'm so glad she was born!

(so it all seems well worth celebrating to me!!)

Also, I went to a really nice little Superbowl gathering over at Ryan and Jamie's place last night. It was a really good time, with good food and friends, so a big, appreciative shout out to them for hosting it!

So, I'm not going to lie- I've been a pretty bad Green Bay Packers fan lately. In fact, I haven't been much of a professional football fan for the last few years. Part of my distaste for the whole NFL, sadly, came from watching Brett Favre, a player whom I had previously really appreciated and enjoyed, as he slowly turned into sort of a whiny, self centered prima donna.

(No, I wasn't just upset because Favre left the Packers to play for a different team. I had already had enough of his retirement/no retirement theatrics, his entitled attitude, and his willingness to throw his former teammates under the bus since long before Favre finally made an official break from the Packers).

Anyway, the mercenary millionaire mentality, lack of loyalty, and bad behavior on the part of NFL players turned me off to professional football. For the last few years I've been more than willing to content myself with college games, where players don't end up backstabbing each other and trash talking their own teams because of a paycheck.
Buuut, Green Bay is the only professional football team that I know of that's publicly owned by the people of the town where it's located. Plus, I sort of grew up on Green Bay football.

Still, I ended up watching the Green Bay/Chicago playoff game this year, and I enjoyed it. I also ended up watching the Superbowl, and it was actually a really good game. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers have really done an impressive job in terms of restructuring the team without Favre and moving on to win a championship on their own terms. And I have to admit that even though I'm still grateful for the good years that Favre gave to Green Bay, it gave me a certain amount of satisfaction to know that he was out there somewhere watching Green Bay reel in another Superbowl win, but this time without him at the helm. Favre was a great quarterback, to be sure, but Green Bay is a great team, and it just felt like somewhere along the way he lost sight of that fact. Green Bay is about the coaches, the other players, and even the fans who own the team as much as it's about one great player. It was never all about Favre. Any chance that the other great players in the NFL can keep that idea in mind?

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