Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2000 Posts

I just noticed on my Blogger Dashboard that my Valentine's Day Post from yesterday was officially the 2000th post that I've written for this blog.
I have spent a lot of time plugging away on here. Happy times, sad times, angry times, and everything in between.
Though I've always said (and still feel) that I keep this blog as much for self therapy as anything else, I'm also very aware that I write in a public forum, and believe me when I say that I really am grateful to any and all of you Adventurers who have joined me here as readers and participants over the years.
I write the blog to get things off my chest, for sure, but I think that much of the therapeutic aspect of keeping a blog comes from not only putting my thoughts out there, but also from finding out that, for the most part, the world isn't going to try to crush me down for trying to say something. There have been the occasional arguments and disagreements, to be sure (some of which I have definitely handled better than others), but even in the disagreements I've usually found out that someone took me seriously enough to challenge my opinion.
And on the good days- the best days- people might even like what I have to say. If I can entertain someone for a minute or make them laugh or smile or (heaven forbid) make them think about something a little differently for a moment, then that's important to me.
I write to keep my own head straight, but I write because I really like talking to you guys, too!
So, thanks!
Now for the next 2000....


The League said...

The Bros. Steans have gone above and beyond in documenting their inner monologues.

J.S. said...

Yup. Although sometimes I have to sort of sift through the competing voices and just pick one monologue to document. But that's normal, right? RIGHT?!?!