Thursday, May 06, 2010


Hey! Hope things are going okay for everyone.

Last night I went to see Stomp at The Paramount with Mandy and Kellie. I'd never seen it before, and it was pretty darn cool. Those Stomp dancers not only have an incredible sense of rhythm (a number of them seemed able to execute rhythms that were on a par with any number of really good drummers), but they have a tremendous amount of coordination and physical ability. And, of course, the coordination that's involved with both the music and the choreography was extremely impressive. Not only does the troupe manage to produce intricate rhythms, but they rely upon one another to hit individual notes in the correct sequence (while dancing around and whatnot) lest their songs fall apart.
Growing up, I took a stab at the church bell choir at least once or twice. It was much more challenging than I expected. You stand there, sometimes for a long, long time as other people are playing their parts, and then you're expected to hit your particular note when it goes racing by. If you miss your one little note, the whole song is screwed up. I just really had a hard time only hitting those single notes without playing the contextual notes around them- the notes leading up to your particular note and following it. Well, Stomp is a little like the bell choir on overdrive. Really complicated rhythms played by a number of different people, with all of these individual notes sort of interdependent on each other. And, like I said, there's also the fact that they're dancing around (sometimes even swinging on ropes) while doing this stuff.
I remember one of my band directors telling us at some point that all musicianship is actually dancing (you have to physically move parts of your body in particular ways in order to make music on pretty much any sort of instrument, after all), and Stomp kind of almost turns that whole idea on his head. The Stomp troupe basically turns their dancing into a musical instrument. The movement of their dance creates the sound that keeps the audience engaged.
Admittedly, Stomp is sort of a one trick pony (by the end of it I was starting to yearn a bit for a melody in all that rhythm), but it's a really good trick, and the Stomp crew executes it pretty flawlessly.
Anyway, I enjoyed Stomp. Thanks to Mandy and Kellie for letting me tag along!

What else? They're starting work on lowering that oil containment device over the well at the Deepwater Horizon accident site. So that's gotta be a good thing. Good luck to the crews working on that operation.

Well, that's it for me for now. Sorry, but it's another hectic day.
You guys take care!

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