Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost; Oil Companies and the Blame Game

Well, I still don't have too much to report. I watched Lost last night. Maybe I shouldn't discuss it too much (it seems like I just piss off the Lost fans when I do), but I wasn't super impressed. They may end up still pulling off some kind of amazing ending to the series, I guess, but so far I haven't found these final episodes all that great (and yet, having watched the show for a number of seasons, I still feel compelled to watch the show through its conclusion). They could still turn the whole show around, though, if it turns out that the bright light from the cave from last night's episode turns out to be the same mysterious, glowing thing from the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.
What else?
Oil industry execs continued to testify before a House subcommittee on Energy and Commerce oversight today. I never doubted for a second that this whole accident was eventually going to result in congressional hearings and a whole lot of big lawsuits and whatnot, but somehow I just didn't think we'd already be engaged in all of this fingerpointing while the actual disaster was still unfolding and before the leak was even contained. I'm not saying their should be any avoidance of responsibility and accountability, but can't we at least find a way to plug the 200,000 gallon a day oil leak before we move into the blame and recriminations stage? I know, I know- even I was typing that last sentence I knew that it sounded hopelessly naive. Still, the spouting oil is an ongoing problem, and it just sort of seems like we ought to have everyone's attention focused on putting a stop to this mess at the moment. It all really makes my head hurt.

Well, that wasn't much, but I'm not feeling very inspired these days. I'm sorry.


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