Friday, May 14, 2010

Bomb Scare; R.I.P. Law and Order

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We had a bomb scare today at the Travis County criminal courthouse. Because of the bomb scare, I had a meeting cancelled as well as one of my dockets. So it's been kind of a weird (and somewhat unproductive) day. Maybe I should have been more worried about the chance of a bomb, but mostly I was just a little annoyed because I just found it extremely unlikely that anyone had smuggled a bomb into the building (we do have security checkpoints and whatnot). Maybe I'm not taking the threat seriously enough (Joe Stack is still in the back of my mind after all), but in the end it was just a fake bomb, and I guess that I'd rather take sensible precautions and not worry too much as opposed to letting would-be bombers freak me out.

Also, Law and Order is being cancelled- not all the spin offs (like Special Victims Unit and the new Law and Order Los Angeles), but the original series.
That's too bad. It's had its high points and low points, but over the years they've mostly managed to avoid the melodrama and a soap opera feel that many legal shows fall into, instead focusing on just police work and prosection. Plus, by and large the law on the show is pretty accurate. To this day, I still credit Law and Order with helping me to get a decent grade on my evidence exam during law school (for almost every question asked on the final, I could think of a Law and Order episode that involved a corresponding rule of evidence). Sometimes they portray certain workings of the justice system inaccurately in order to increase the sense of drama (e.g., defendants in real life are almost never present for plea bargain meetings between prosecutors and defense counsel), but by and large, the show is fairly realistic (and, of course, the show was always famous for basing its fictional cases upon ntotorious real life crimes and criminal trials from across the country).
Anyway, I'll miss you Law and Order!!

Well, I don't have much else, and I have little time, anyway. Maybe more later!

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