Thursday, May 20, 2010

Short Post; North Korea Gets Trigger Happy

Hey there.
It's been a pretty busy day, and I didn't blog last night, so....

Well, it sounds like the South Koreans have put together a pretty strong case demonstrating that a torpedo fired from a North Korean submarine was responsible for sinking a South Korean naval ship on March 26th, killing 46 South Korean sailors. The North Koreans continue to deny responsibility, but seismic data, witness accounts, damage patterns, and recovered torpedo fragments (with North Korean markings) all point to the fact taht a North Korean torpedo sank the ship.
The South Korean government is petitioning the U.N. and other countries for sanctions against North Korea, but I'm not sure what sort of additional sanctions could be taken, given the fact that embargos and strong economic sanctions have already been in place against the country for decades, with China staning out as North Korea's strongest remaining ally.
That whole situation could get really ugly. Well, really, it already has. Forty six South Korean sailors have been killed by North Korea, and now it's apparent that South Korea can't really retaliate in any sort of meaningful way for fear of starting a really nasty war.
Messed up.

Awwww..... I gotta go. Sorry for the lame post, but I'm still pretty busy. Maybe more later.

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