Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well, last night was pretty cool. I thought McCain gave a very gracious concession speech, and Obama gave a really strong victory address. I liked the fact that Obama touched on the fact that we're facing a lot of big problems that aren't going to be fixed overnight (basically underscoring the need for patience and perserverance as we deal with things like our economic crisis), and that we're going to need a new spirit of bipartisan cooperation if we're going to overcome these obstacles. I know that people on the right aren't going to agree with all of Obama's decisions, but hopefully he can at least demonstrate a willingness to make sure their concerns are heard and an ability to compromise when possible. We really can accomplish a whole lot more if we're not expending our energy trying to battle each other.
Anyway, I found Obama's speech moving, and I appreciated what he had to say. Every once in awhile I would have to take a step outside of myself, remember that Obama is, after all, a very good politician, and that in some sense he's just very good at giving speeches. On the other hand, I also realized last night that my pride wasn't just in Obama. A lot of my good feeling last night came from realizing that America was willing to elect a black president, and that Americans are still hopeful and optimistic enough to embrace change as a possibility. Even if Obama's presidency were to turn out to be relatively unsuccessful, I would still be happy with the fact that people in the '08 election were willing to take a chance on someone who really seems to want to make positive changes for the country. We'll see how well Obama fulfills the promise that he has shown on the campaign trail, but at least American voters were willing to give a chance to a candidate whose focus has been on healing our country as a whole.
So I was just as moved by the voters last night as I was by Obama. It's good to see that they've broken out of the mindset of fear and cynicism that I believe got Bush reelected in 2004. It's good to see the country embrace a more optimistic viewpoint, and I hope Obama rewards them for it.

In other news, I stopped by a friend's election party to watch some of the results last night. Thanks for having such a nice party and inviting me, Channing! My coworker, Carla, brought her two young boys, so in some of the slower moments between race results, I got to watch them execute professional wrestling moves off the corners of Channing's furniture. Good stuff.

That's about it. I'm tired. I fell asleep in my chair in the living room while still watching race results and analysis, the TV remote still in my hand.
Hope everyone's having a good day.

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