Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday. It's pretty nippy out there, with the new cold front that we got last night. Well, I know I say this all the time, but I REALLY have nothing to report today. I was feeling kind of tired and spent last night playing with Cassidy and watching some Law and Order on the DVR. With Thanksgiving just around the corner next week, maybe I just needed a bit of a break before we start to really kick into holiday mode.
I need to get some shopping done for Christmas presents. Online shopping rules, but you have to plan ahead early enough to actually be able to get your presents in the mail.

Well, instead of just droning on about stuff that I don't care much about and which you probably don't want to read, I'll cut this short. Maybe I'll write more later if inspiration hits.

Oh yeah- apologies to The Pope and Roundball. I tried to publish a couple of their comments, and somehow they just got dumped into the "unmoderated comments" folder.

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