Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Howdy. Well, for some strange reason I have Veteran's Day off from work today. I call this strange mostly because I know that most private sector companies are still working today, which means a whole lot of veterans are working while I'm at home sitting on my butt (hi, Dad!!).
Anyway, thanks to Dad, Grandpa Ross, and everyone else who has served in the military to keep our country safe from bad guys. I know I complain from time to time about some of the political decisions that our politicians make regarding wars that our country gets involved in, but those complaints don't extend to the troops. I have a high degree of respect for the people in our military who are doing their jobs and working to keep the country secure.
So happy Veteran's Day!

Yesterday I also had the day off (took a vacation day), and went with Jamie and Mandy to see Role Models. It's a movie about two thirtysomething guys (one the obligatory party animal, the other, the obligatory misanthrope) who get in trouble and end up having to do community service through a sort of big brothers type of program. It was pretty lowbrow comedy, and it had language that would have probably made my parents cringe, but it was also pretty funny and entertaining. If you're going to see it and your expectations aren't too high (and you aren't expecting some kind of G rated family movie), you should enjoy it. I think we all got a chuckle out of it.
Well, I don't have much else to say, and I'm wasting my Veteran's Day on this computer, so.... have a good one!!!

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