Monday, November 03, 2008

The weekend was pretty darn good. On Friday night I hung out and handed out Halloween candy to the neighborhood kids. This year was the most fun that I think I've had handing out candy. There were a lot of cute little kids, and some pretty funny older kids (I offered one group of junior high kids a bribe- extra candy if they would promise not to terrorize any of the younger kids and take their candy. They laughed way hard to be innocent, but they took me up on it). Later that night I played with the Mono Ensemble at Somnio's. We hadn't practiced in awhile, and we got started sort of late, so the crowd was kind of small, but we played pretty well, and the people who were there seemed to really enjoy it. I had a good time. I dressed, as previously mentioned, as Jason from Friday the 13th. About 15 minutes into our set I realized that my shirt with the fake blood stains on it, a perennial part of my costume, was haunted with the sweat and smoke smell of prior Halloweens, so I changed it for another shirt in order to keep the funk in my music rather than in my aroma.

Saturday I got up and drove out to Steiner Ranch to meet up with the parents (they were having furniture and appliances delivered). Hung out with them and ate at the Oasis with parents + Ryan and Jamie + Jamie's parents. Beautiful day to hang out by the lake and eat Mexican food. Mom and Dad's house looks really nice as well.

Saturday night we celebrated Rami Reid's birthday with some Italian food and hanging out. Friday was actually Rami's birthday, so happy birthday to Rami!!!!

Sunday I got up and ate breakfast with the parents and hung out with them a bit more.
I also went and saw RocknRolla, the new Guy Ritchie movie, this weekend. Guy Ritchie has taken quite a bit of criticism for making movies several movies that contain a lot of similarities (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and now this one), so I guess at this point you either like his movies or you don't. This is another tale of London's criminal underworld community, and it does have a lot in common with his other films, but I enjoyed it. Ritchie does a good job of infusing humor into his crime movies, and despite the fact that they take place in a big city like London, his films always do a pretty good job of portraying its underworld characters as denizens of a tight-knit, fun-loving, neighborly community- the kind of place that looks so entertaining that you might almost forget that the cost of membership is to potentially subject oneself to all sorts of nasty violence. Anyway, there are all kinds of crazy characters running rampant in Ritchie's films, and as many potential plotlines as there are ways for low level thugs to get themselves into trouble (meaning, seemingly endless possibilities), so even if Ritchie sticks to telling London crime stories for quite some time, I think I may continue to find them entertaining.
And that's about it. I'm all strapped in for the final days of the election season, and I'm more than ready to get the whole thing over with. Now to brace myself for the inevitable crush of Republican blamecasting which will undoubtedly try to immediately make the Democrats responsible for every problem that the country faces, as though the Republicans hadn't been holding the reins of power and digging us into this mess for the last 8 years. As I said to my parents this weekend- I'll be shocked if the Republicans don't have some sort of investigatory witchhunt up and running within Obama's first 9 months in office, as the GOP switches gears from trying to get McCain elected to making sure that Obama doesn't get re-elected after a first term of office. If Obama wins, the Ken Starr playbook will probably be handed to some GOP attack dog within Obama's first 24 hours in office. Aaarrrrgh......
Of course I'm putting the cart before the horse, and hopefully there'll be a few moments that Democrats can step back and enjoy. Then the very hard work of getting the country back on track needs to begin, though, so there's not going to be a lot of time for high fives if we get a win tomorrow night.

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