Thursday, November 06, 2008

Okay, this is really not relevant to anything, but I gotta say that the baby on the E*Trade commercials just cracks me up every time he comes on. Here's some E*Trade baby for you guys to enjoy....

Anyway, I'm still feeling good about the Obama win. I was watching Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show, and he was talking about how people in New York City yesterday were actually making eye contact, smiling, and sometimes going so far as to hold doors open for other people. I wonder if that means people were kicking puppies in Kentucky and Alabama?

In a nod toward some of the bipartisan efforts that he promised during his election night speech, rumors are circulating that Obama is considering several GOP players for his national defense team, including Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, a Vietnam War veteran and fierce critic of the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war, Dick Lugar, R-Indiana, the minority leader of the Foreign Relations Committee who worked with Obama last year to expand a program aimed at destroying weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union, and possibly Robert Gates, Bush's defense secretary.

I find all of this kind of fascinating- I just mentioned to one of my Republican friends a couple of days ago that I thought Obama might do well to include some GOP members in White House positions, particularly in terms of national defense, which is something that the GOP frequently does sort of well (the current White House being something of an exception). Putting GOP members on staff might help build some bridges, and, frankly, the Democrats might benefit from some outside expertise in this area. Anyway, President Bartlet, one of our nation's most effective and honorable leaders of all time, put some GOP members onto his staff on The West Wing, and things seemed to go moderately well for them in fictional TV land, so I figure that's good enough for me.
What the hell?! Give it a try! I think that by now even the Republicans are thinking we need some sort of plan to get ourselves out of Iraq at some point, and we're all concerned about Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and other potential threats to U.S. security. Speaking of which, what's Colin Powell up to these days? If he's just sitting around his house, polishing the silver, we might be able to put the man to work...

Democratic Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, a prior Clinton advisor and part of the Democratic leadership in the House, has accepted a position as Obama's Chief of Staff. Frankly, I don't know much about Emanuel, but he's said to be an intelligent, effective, tough-minded guy.

Anyway, I don't have a whole lot of other news. Didn't do anything wild and/or crazy last night. I watched Ghost Hunters, and once again they produced some evidence of stange happenings that I can't explain. I guess they could just be hoaxing the audience, overall, but that would really disappoint me. I mean, I'm willing to watch a lot of very boring television in order for them to produce small amounts of very questionable evidence, but if they're hoaxing stuff just to make it more exiciting, I would lose patience with the show very quickly.

That's it. Hope you guys are doing well.

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