Wednesday, November 19, 2008

S'up, peeps? It's another beautiful fall day here in the ATX.
Last night I went over to Steans Manor, and Jamie cooked up some of her very delicious spaghetti. Once again Steanso profits from the culinary talents of his family, friends, and neighbors. (I have a master plan to learn to cook a few things so that I can start repaying some favors to these generous people, but it's still an ongoing project)
While over at Steans Manor, we all watched this week's episode of Heroes. Man, that show just keeps getting dumber and dumber. I watched the first two seasons on DVD, and they were okay (not really great, but good enough to keep me interested), but now the show feels like nothing but a soap opera with really awful dialogue and lots and lots of melodrama. The show has been going downhill for awhile, but Jamie and I have both been sort of separately keeping up with it, even though we both knew it wasn't very good. Last night we watched it with Ryan, and as he groaned and complained about the show, it was just pretty hard to defend the fact that I keep watching it. The overall plotline is cliched, the acting is weak, and the writing hurts my head. I gotta let go. "It might get better," really isn't a good reason to stick with a show when it's in it's third season.
And I know there's been a lot of debate going on about whether Hillary Clinton is an appropriate pick for Secretary of State in the Obama administration. There are people who say that Clinton leans farther to the left than Obama, and that she'll go off the reservation and pursue her own agenda rather than President Obama's if she's selected for the position (this position sort of presupposes that Clinton's popularity and her large amount of domesticn and international support would make it difficult to fire or replace her if she started implementing her own public policy). Personally, I just have a hard time seeing that there would be major problems between Clinton and Obama if Clinton were to be made Secretary of State. I don't think that their political positions are really that far apart, and I think that Clinton has the maturity and wisdom to realize that she's going to be much more effective and credible as a team player than she ever would be if foreign leaders really had reason to believe that there was a substantial rift between she and the president. (I'm not saying that she and Obama might not have disagreements, but I think and hope that Clinton's preferred action would be to try to convince President Obama of the strength of her position- I just don't see her "going rogue"). I think that Clinton's popularity and credibility on the world stage might make Hillary an especially strong asset within the Obama cabinet, and that she might be able to command respect and broker deals in situations where lesser known or less influential individuals might struggle.
Anyway, I could be wrong about all of this stuff, but I think that Clinton's popularity on the world stage might provide opportunities that may just be too good to pass up. If I were Obama, I'd give her the nod and worry about rearranging things later if, for some reason, they didn't work out.
Well, I gotta run. Hope you guys are having a good one.

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