Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Results Are In....

Well, I'm watching the election results, and Fox News just declared Obama the president elect of the United States. Somewhere outside people are firing off fireworks in celebration. I feel kind of relieved, but knowing all of the obstacles and challenges that lay ahead for Obama, it's kind of a wary and weary celebration. Though I know there are a lot of frustrated, disappointed Republicans out there tonight, I hope people from both sides of the aisle find something to celebrate in Obama's victory. Not only is Obama's election a historic accomplishment (it wasn't so long ago, really, that Rosa Parks was making history by refusing to move to the back of the bus), but I also hope that Obama really does try to govern with a spirit of bipartisan cooperation. I believe that the man is a pragmatist and not a simple ideologue, and I honestly believe that he will seek and try to garner support from both sides of the aisle as he takes on the significant problems that our country faces. I think that he will be more open to compromise than people believe right now, and although Obama is solidly a Democrat, I think he has more respect for some conservative viewpoints than people understand at the moment (some of the things I've read about his decision making processes on everything from offshore drilling to the Iraq War have kind of led me to believe this).
Anyway, McCain is a good man, and I wish him well. Our country owes him a great deal, not only for his military service, but also for his service as a senator.

Anyway, Obama has his work cut out for him, but tonight's a moment to celebrate and breathe a sigh of relief.

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