Sunday, May 07, 2006

Well, as promised, we did some tubing on Saturday. We woke up to some substantial rain, but the weather cleared, and we pushed on. On the river, we started out with some sunshine, but the clouds continued to build throughout our trip, and the last 45 minutes or so in our 4 hour trip got a wee bit chilly. I didn't realize until later that we had dodged a bullet, as Austin and San Marcos both got a decent amount of rain on Saturday.
I think everyone had a good time!!

Here we have Kim and Jennifer decked out in their tubing attire and ready to hit the river. This was Jennifer's first tubing trip, and I think this picture was taken as I was trying to explain the critical importance of koozie use while tubing to her.

I had kind of forgotten about the typical levels of intoxication that are prevalent among the college-aged tubing crowd. They must have to dredge that river weekly for drowned frat boys and beer bongs.
After tubing we had a yummy dinner at The Gristmill. Good food, good service, and almost no wait. Everyone was very tired, but we had fun! Thanks for going, tubers!!!


lee said...

Tubing followed by good grub always makes for good times. I went tubing once, then devoured some Salt Lick bbq after we got off the river, and then saw Soul Hat play a show at Liberty Lunch, all in the same day. Then we drove home to San Antonio at 2 a.m. on I-35 with the top off my Jeep. Nothing in the sky but stars. Hot wind and tunes on the radio to keep us all awake. It was perhaps the closest thing to a perfect day I have ever experienced.

Steanso said...

Closest thing to a perfect day? Uh, that and your wedding.... no, wait, the birth of your firstborn son.... no, wait.... tubing (just kidding, I was along for that tubing trip as well, and I have often cited it as one of my best days at Trinity, which in turn also made it one of the best days ever. We had a pretty big group, and we all just got along so well that day. I miss those times and those folks and I wish them all well....)