Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hey there, Adventurers!! Hope everyone's having a good day!
I wish I had more to blog on. I saw Charlie Roadman in court today, and he showed me a copy of the soon-to-be-released Buttercup CD (for those of you who haven't been paying attention, Charlie's brother, Jamie, is the drummer for Buttercup, and Charlie is their manager. Sort of. Their Austin manager, anyway). The CD looks pretty cool (great artwork), and I recognized a few of the songs contained therein (including Hot Love). Crack once opened for Buttercup, so I hope they become famous, because then maybe the Ruta Maya flyers with both Crack and Buttercup on them might become valuable collector's items (speaking of which, I'm not sure what happened to my copy of that flyer). Is Jeff Wilson in trial today? Don't know, but he's gone dark, which may indicate that he's busy attempting to perpetrate yet another miscarriage of justice.
On May 18th both The Violent Femmes and Neko Case are both playing shows. I don't know which show to attend, but it's a happy dilemma.
Ok, that's it for now, but it's better to keep it short if I've got nothing to say, right? (not a very lawyerly sentiment, I must admit....)


diva said...

lawyerly statements, political statements, musician statements, friend statements, cassidy's cohort statements...steanso, we come here to read all your statements because we love you and we love to read whatever you have to say.

p.s. about yesterday's blog ~ i have that stone in the throat, chills, karmic injustice, overwhelmed and passionate feeling...i've written my reps. thank you for highlighting the issue.

Cobra Kai Dojo said...

"Gather 'round, boys, to the tale that I tell.
You wanna know how to take a short trip to hell?
It's guaranteed to get your own place in hell.
Just take your lovely daughter and push her in the well.
Take your lovely daughter and throw her in the well...."

Neko is hot
But the Femmes are so damn cool.