Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Steanso was proud (and a little shocked) to see that his alma mater, Westwood High School, was ranked as the best high school in Central Texas by Newsweek Magazine. Westwood managed to come in as the 103rd best high school in the nation!! When Steanso was at Westwood, the school got kind of a bad rap because of some undercover drug stings that got a lot of local press (thus, the unofficial "Wastewood" moniker), but most of the people who attended the school and most of the teachers who worked there knew that we had some good classes and programs, and that there were some pretty smart kids at the school as well. Westwood offered a bunch of AP classes, and a lot of students graduated from our school with a significant amount of college credit, and we always had a bunch of National Merit Scholars.
The biggest surprise about the Newsweek rankings is probably that Westwood beat out Westlake for best school (though only by two slots). I guess I mostly say this because its clear that Westlake has a lot more money to throw around than Westwood (go swing by Westlake's astroturfed football stadium and check out their $2 million Jumbotron if you need evidence to support this assertion). I love it when Westwood beats Westlake at anything. Westlake is full of rich kids who can buy anything, so its always fun to beat them. The weird thing is, Westlake seems to kind of hate Westwood. The rivalry between the schools always seemed kind of intense when I went to school there, and then when I went to watch a Westlake/Westwood football game just a couple of years ago, I was really pretty shocked by the amount of venom that the Westlake crowd had for Westwood. I sat in front of a lady who repeatedly yelled for Westlake to "beat the hell out of those illiterate retards", for large portions of the game, and near another guy who kept yelling for Westlake to "beat those druggie punks" (I swear to god I'm not making this up, and it kind of pissed me off because the Westwood students who were sitting on thier side of the stadium seemed like a pretty good group of kids who were just minding their own business and enjoying the game).
Annnnnyway, it's a credit to the Westwood administration that they have managed to put together such an effective faculty with such high quality courses, especially given the fact that the school isn't the wealthiest high school in town. (Westwood is by no means a poor school, but it definitely falls solidly into the middle class- or at least it did when I went there- with a student body that, in general, isn't nearly as affluent as Westlake's, but which is much better off than some of the AISD schools.) In general, I think that the success of the school within the Newsweek rankings show that the school has its priorities in the right place (although it would be nice to have a giant Jumbotron).
Anyway, it's nice to see some good news about ol' Westwood in the press. Go Warriors!!!!!

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