Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Slow morning. Last night I had a spaghetti dinner with the Wilsons, and we watched the SNL with Tom Hanks from this past weekend. I gotta say, I like some of the people on this year's Saturday Night Live, and I keep pulling for the show to get better, but in general it just hasn't been all that funny this year (with a few exceptions, like the R. Kelly skit and Natalie Portman's gangsta rap). The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were on the show, and they put in a passable performance, but they seemed a little old and tired, too. Those guys need to find a way to age more gracefully. You can't be a 17 year old skate punk your whole life without starting to wear on people's nerves after awhile. Still, those guys are good musicians. I haven't heard the new album yet, but it's supposed to be pretty good.
Well, hopefully Steanso's day will pick up a little steam. We're supposed to be having Crack practice tonight. Tomorrow is James Brown.
That's it for the moment. Maybe more later.

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