Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well, sister-in-law Jamie McSteans is supposed to get out of the hospital tonight after being in there since last Wednesday for treatment of an infection gone awry (for the full story on Jamie's medical history, including kidney disease and transplant, you must consult The League of Melbotis or other non-Steanso sites- it's too complicated and scary for me to deal with here). Anyway, the Thanksgiving celebration continues as we all are thankful for Jamie's escape from the hospital!!! That sister-in-law of mine is one tough kid. (she surely puts the Steans boys to shame)

In other news, Whole Foods is gonna put an ice rink into their downtown parking lot! How cool is that? I'll probably never skate there, but I love the idea. Take that, nature!

Not much time for blogging. I was in JP3 all day, and now the dog needs a walk. Seriously. She keeps trying to jump up onto the kitchen counter to get her own leash. Kind of pathetic.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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