Monday, November 07, 2005

Let me start by saying that Steanso has come down with a slight touch of a cold. Therefore, the blogging may suffer a bit as Steanso sturggles to produce something readable while simulataneously enjoying the effects of the Tussin cough syrup that he chugged down this morning before toodling off to work.
Several of my friends have asked me if I'm going to do some blogging about Proposition 2, Texas's so-called Marriage Amendment. The Texas Marriage Amendment basically states, as a proposed joint resolution, that marriage in Texas will exist (as a legal entity) only between a man and a woman, and that while the State of Texas recognizes that many of the rights associated with marriage may be obtained through other means (such as contracts or guardianship agreements), that marriage itself is to be reserved for unions between members of the opposite sex.
Well, of course, Steanso tends to think that Proposition 2 is a stupid, stupid idea. In case you haven't picked up on it by now, we here at The Adventures are big fans of equal rights for EVERYONE, and we're definitely not big fans of writing discrimination into the constitution of our deeply flawed but still beloved home state.
I guess Steanso has avoided blogging on this topic mostly out of despair and resignation. Unfortunately, I'm almost as solidly conviced that Proposition 2 will pass as I am convinced that Proposition 2 is morally wrong.
Let's face it- most of Texas revels in a sort of knee-jerk conservativism, and although Steanso will be here to struggle against it until the bitter end, it isn't likely to change anytime soon (or at least until there's a fundamental shift in people's thinking about what it means to be a Democrat and people realize that "liberals" are just working to ensure basic rights for ALL people and to fend off the exploitation of America's working and middle class by the wealthiest segments of our society).
Anyway, Proposition 2 feeds upon one of those great Conservative fallacies- the belief that the traditional American family is under siege by "crazy liberal" forces which would seek to tear down traditional values and destroy them. By voting for Prop 2, conservatives would have their consituents believe that they are drawing a line in the sand- creating another safeguard which will protect the erosion of classic American values. Nothing binds people together more tightly than the belief that they are under attack from a common enemy. But there's no enemy here, people. Only your family, friends and neighbors- each of them trying to make a life for themselves in whatever way they can in order to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The truth about Prop 2 is more insidious. Proposition 2 isn't safeguarding anything. Instead, it is yet another attack against the rights of another minority group of people. It constitutes institutionalized biggotry. Nothing in the current law or within liberal ideology would seek to take away any rights from "traditional" American values. Proposition 2, however, ironically presents a further erosion of the American way of life. Ours is a country which was supposedly founded upon a concept of majority rule, with constitutional rights put in place to protect the rights of minority groups. Proposition 2 is one more example of how today's "traditional American families" cannot suffer dissent or even subject themselves to peaceful coexistence with a group which is different than themselves. Gay marriage (from what I can tell in my own experience) isn't about attacking anyone. It's about people trying to figure out how to make a life for themselves.
We were a nation of people who established this country because we felt oppressed in by other governments, but the conservative right, little by little, would have our nation converted into a country which is subservient to white, Christian values and beliefs, and it would impose those beliefs on whomever it can. I was raised in a strongly Christian home, and I think that religion can be a truly beautiful thing, but let me say this- there is a point at which evangelism becomes oppression, and I wish that the religious would be a little more mindful of where that line lies.

Crap. This rant is getting out of control and slipping toward the nonsensical. I can't think straight on this combination of motherscratchin' cough syrup and antihystamines.
I think you get my drift, though.
Vote aginst Prop 2.


Anonymous said...

What he said!


CrackBass said...

To make it easier for you, when you do vote tomrrow...
vote YES on all the county elcetions, and NO on all the proposed constitutional amendments.

You'll create parks, and you'll stay out of personal lives.

CrackBass said...

for further info....

Dawn Oglesby said...

Very well said. Thank you.