Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not much time for blogging today. Still struggling through a cold, Steanso was in JP 3 all day, prosecuting truant school children, speeders, and other miscreants, sneezing and coughing upon them as an added measure of punishment for their sins.

And surprise, surprise. Proposition 2 passed. Biggotry is now officially a part of our state's constitution. Kickass. The only thing that really surprises me about this is the fact that Texas was the 19th state to pass such an amendment. You think we'd lead the nation in that kind of ass-backward, redneck thinking. Oh well. Save marriage for the kind of people who really know how to f*ck one up. Straight people are champions at that.
My rants about Proposition 2 and Texas in general recently led my brother, Roundball, to lament that he wasn't sure that he wanted to move back to Texas anymore. I'm not sure I blame him. The only problem is that he lives in Arizona. Still, although they're pretty conservative, I don't think that Arizonians revel in their idiocy in the same way that Texans do. Today I am actually fairly ashamed to be a Texan (although I still love Austin). We're a state which hides its own insecurities and ignorance behind false bravado and a feigned spirit of independence.
Anyway, I'm tired and I'm sick. Nighty night, kids.

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The League said...

Sadly, the Arizonan Way appears to be to see what everybody else is doing and then do it, too. We're the tag-along state.

I expect for this to pass here in the next year or two.

Don't worry, we're bigots here in AZ as well.