Monday, November 14, 2005

Alito is big, big trouble, folks. In some legal papers released during Alito's work for the Reagan administration, Alito speaks about how proud he is to have worked for an administration which holds the same core, conservative values that he shares. Alito's statements from documents produced during the Reagan years include arguments against affirmative action, arguments in favor of reinterpretting the Establishment Clause, and arguments against abortion (Alito has privately told senators that he respects the Roe v. Wade decision, but he won't go so far as to commit to upholding it). During these years, Alito also proclaimed himself to be a lifelong registered Republican and a Federalist Society member. In short, I think it should be becoming more apparent why I didn't bitch more about the Miers nomination. She might not have been a legal genius, but a little ineptitude would have probably done nothing more than limit the amount of damage that she was capable of inflicting.

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lee said...

Alito is big, big trouble, but he isn't IN big, big trouble. Unless they catch him in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, the dude's a lock.