Monday, November 14, 2005

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Steanso had a great weekend, but it didn't do a lot for his recovery from his cold.
Thursday we had a really good Crack practice after having a few beers with Yucky Marsha at Joe Turner's office to wish her good luck as she sets off on her sojourn to Guatamala (no, that last part isn't a joke- she's really going to Guatamala).
Friday we had no work (in order that we might more effectively party with the veterans on their special day), and The Wilsons and Ellie Gamble and I took advantage of this extra day off by going camping in Kerrville. It was a good time. I brought Cassidy along for the trip, and she did just fine out there in the wilderness.
On our way back into town on Saturday we stopped to eat at Mamacitas in Kerrville, and it was one of the most surreal dining experiences that I've ever had. The inside of the restaurant is designed to look like you're eating on the central esplanade of some kind of Mexican village (complete with fake store fronts, a false county court, and even the facade of some abogados offices), and in the middle of the whole affair stands a replica of the Alamo with an animatronic Davy Crockett overlooking the entire restaurant from the battlements. Overhead, a dark, night sky twinkles with fiber optic stars, and the globe of a large papier mache moon hovers in the corner. In the faux bread and pastries shop in the corner, real Mexicans make tortillas, thier bored faces not quite in keeping with their festive surroundings. I think the height of the absurdity arrived when a woman at a table near ours celebrated her birthday, not with the usual half-hearted singing of the indentured waitstaff, but with a salute to the Davy Crockett animatronic, which belted out a creepy vesion of happy birthday on his fiddle, a kind of mournful, herky jerky, robotic salute to the birthing process that he would never be a part of.
God bless you, robotic Davy Crockett.
That's it for the moment, cause the work keeps coming in.
I saw that George W. accused the Democrats on Friday of rewriting history in terms of describing how the war started. Who's rewriting history here, George?
War is peace.
Ignorance is knowledge.
Freedom is slavery.

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