Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Our government once again has proven itself to be a model of democracy and freedom and a shining example of a leader in the fight for basic human rights around the world!! The Washington Post reported today that the CIA has been maintaining secret prisons around the world for years so that it might hold suspected enemies for years without judicial review and so that its interrogation methods (i.e., methods of torture) would not fall under the scrutiny of Amnesty International, The Red Cross, or other human rights groups.
Well, this is it. We've finally crossed the line from being a paranoid, narcissistic, out-of-control nation to just being a bunch of jackbooted thugs who drag our suspected enemies off into the dark alleyways of the globe so that we can have our way with them. No rule of law. No respect for human rights or civil liberties. We have become the very thing that we have allegedly been struggling against- fanatical, ethnocentric terrorists who believe that whatever means are necessary will always be justified in the name of preserving the end goal of "freedom" and "democracy". What a joke. Those words seem pretty meaningless (let alone being impossible to realize) when the U.S. tramples on human rights in its purported efforts to uphold these concepts.
But I'm probably being naive. We're not fighting for freedom or justice. We're certainly not fighting for the simple defense of our own country. We're fighting so that the richest, most powerful members of our society can stay rich and powerful. We're fighting so that we can continue to have cheap gasoline and drive SUVs. We're fighting because the religious fanatics in our country hate the religious fanatics in other countries. And last, but certainly not least, we're fighting because we feel our position as the world's most powerful nation slipping away, and we will use our dying breaths to fight anyone who defies our authority.
As a nation and a very powerful nation, we keep backsliding in our moral leadership. We keep lowering the bar for what people in other nations should expect from their governments.
Anyway, I'm not very happy about America's secret prisons. I would imagine that the rest of the world is not very happy about them either.

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