Friday, November 04, 2005

For the first time in my work on The Adventures, I didn't post yesterday simply because I totally zoned on the whole thing. Somehow I shifted from thinking, "I gotta remember to write a post today," to "Well, I'm glad I got my post out of the way," without ever actually writing the post. I'm not sure how that happened. I know you guys don't care all that much, but it's kind of weird to me.

And who would have guessed that Steanso had so much in common with the people of Argentina? Bush arrived at the Summit of the Americas in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, on Friday to a greeting of protests with participants numbering in the thousands, many of them referring to Bush as a "fascist" and a "terrorist". Former soccer great Diego Maradona (a name which was spoken with much reverence at the soccer camps that I attended as a kid) led one of the demonstrations while clad in a tee shirt which accused Bush of war crimes.

Well, I gotta wander back over to JP court, but I hope that everyone has a good weekend!!!


JMD said...

Wow. Sounds like the protesters really elevated the debate and discourse.

J.S. said...

I would say that they probably hit a level of discourse which was an appropriate for greeting a man who lied to the UN in order to start a war and who subsequently went so far as to expose the identity of a CIA operative in their efforts to bully people who oppose their war- a man who's administration has subsequently been involved with the implementation of systematic torture, the establishment of hidden "black prisons", the establishment of Guantanmo Bay (a prison which had to be placed in Cuba in order to accomodate its lack of due process or human rights standards), and a man who presided over forces which brought disgrace to our entire country in the global community through the rights violations committed at Abu Ghraib. Words like "fascist" might sound harsh, but I give you the Patriot Act. Words like "war criminal" might sound extreme, but I give you an administration which has lied to us in order to start a war and which has then spit on the Geneva Convention as that war was carried out. I think the level of outrage that we are seeing in South America is what we should be seeing more of here in the U.S.

The League said...

Yes, Jim... they should have written a very strongly worded letter to the editor. That would have really wowed 'em.

It's funny, because letter writing is exactly the sort of activity MoveOn does promote, but that would make them zealots... And Bush has stated he doesn't read the paper, anyway.

I keep forgetting that the only discourse acceptable is one which ends in "9-11" and "freedom".

Except, of course, for freedom of speech or assembly if you're not praising W.