Monday, July 18, 2005

Hey, guys. Steanso's back, but it's difficult to say for how long. Nevertheless, to quote Matthew Broderick in The Freshman (something which hardly anyone ever does):
"There's a certain kind of freedom in being completely screwed."
Steanso's job is on life support, and he has no immediate job opportunities dancing on the horizon. If anyone is in need of a 32 year old criminal defense attorney who plays well with others and rocks like a banshee in his free time, please drop me a line (I used to market myself as being good at moving heavy objects, but now that I've hurt my back, I'm not sure that's a good selling point anymore).

Seriously. I need a job. And quick. Cassidy needs a new pair of shoes. Or more specifically, three shoes.

In other news, Mono Ensemble practice went well this weekend. We learned a new song (which was a little complicated, but rocked fairly hard), and we brushed up on some old standards. There were only three of us at practice due to baby-related affairs for some Mono E members (which is a fairly common occurrence- people ask me why we're an ensemble instead of just a band, and I say that it's mostly because we don't know how many people will be playing with us on any given occasion). Eric Gottula (our guitar player, singer, and de facto leader) has a new solo CD out (and by out, I mean he burned me a copy with no song titles or track information on it) which is quite good. To me, it has sort of a Beck vibe (at least on some songs), with solid grooves looped over melodic basslines over some crunchy guitar and whatnot. Anyway, it's definitely got some hummable tunes on it, and I dig it quite a bit.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe more later. Be good or be quick.

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CrackBass said...

rosa, kim john albert and crackbass send you good vives from cc. we miss you.