Thursday, July 07, 2005

First off, I want to send a mad shout out to Sigmund "Fathead" Bloom for another successful trip around the sun. Many happy returns, Sigmund!!!
Second, I want to bitch about how hot it is. Damn, it's hot. 102 degrees right now. Before Roundball pipes up with some comment about how much hotter it is in Phoenix, let me just go ahead and say it don't matter. Once you get up over the 100 degree mark, it's just freaking hot, and if you have to wear a coat and tie it's that much worse. Anyway, we all know that Phoenix constantly feels cool and breezy, since out there in the desert they only get that extremely comfortable "dry heat".
My sympathies go out to Londoners.
I know I bitch a lot about the way the Bush administration has manipulated the "War on Terror" by using it to serve their own political ends, but never let it be said that I'm making excuses for terrorists. Blowing up civilians in order to get strike back at an enemy government is just shitty (and this includes the times when we've done it). It's also ineffective and short sighted. Anyone who thinks that the English are going to change their policies because London has been attacked has both a poor understanding of the British mind set and a very poor knowledge of history (e.g., German firebombing of London during WWII or the decades of IRA terrorist attacks during "The Troubles"). These terrorists are idiots, and I hope they're hunted down and punished in whatever way the English people see fit. I bet Tony Blair doesn't turn around and invade some country that had nothing to do with the attacks, though.

P.S.- The Austin City Limits Festival has already put out a preliminary schedule for this year's festival.
There are some bands which have been announced as playing which haven't been worked into the schedule yet, and there are already some overlaps which are sort of bummers, but on the whole, it looks really fun and I'm already getting excited for it. If you haven't gotten tickets yet, you should. I think I'm going to try to have an after party one night for people to unwind at the Hop-a-Long Lounge, if anyone's interested. I just pray to god that the hot part of the year is over by then....


The League said...

It's scheduled to be 115 - 117 degrees here this weekend. Son, I lived in Austin for nigh 15 years of my life. Yeah, Austin is hot and sticky. But it's not "if you stand out here for an hour, you might die" hot.

J.S. said...

Whatever. I've been to Phoenix, and with their "dry heat" it's like a brisk, autumn breeze all year round. You almost have to wear a sweater to stay warm.

The League said...

I can hear the juices in my eyes start to sizzle when I forget to wear sunglasses.

You sissies in Austin wouldn't know hot if it bit you in the ass. All your nice, big shade trees and well preserved Springs... Pfaw!

You don't manage to kill dozens of joggers every summer with your mildly discomforting heat. Also, you losers wouldn't know how to burn down 300k acres by wildfire if your lives depended on it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that bombing civilians is ineffective. It causes your opponent to respond with knee-jerk vengeance (like the Bush administration). We kick down their doors, accidentally kill their grandmothers, younger brothers, fathers, sisters, and expect terrorism to be eradicated?

This entire thing is going just like Osama planned. Bush is such a knucklehead that he couldn't help but play right into Osama's plans. It will be interesting to see how a sophisticated country like the U.K. responds. Hopefully they won't conclude that we should kill 100,000 Arabs to stop terrorism.

Of course, killing anyone is sick. I blame religion. 100% superstition. All of it. You might as well worship Posiedon.

J.S. said...

Who is Claudius? At any rate, welcome. Cool name.
Maybe bombing civilians will prove effective, and maybe it won't. This kind of terrorism definitely takes the long way around to get to its goal (by trying to encourage the population to oppose its own government in light of the terrorist attacks). I think our current administration is most likely going to spin these attacks in a way that benefits themselves, though. It would take a whole bunch of systematic attacks over a course of years in order to prove to the population that their government is ineffective in protecting the population or in fighting its enemies, and even then, the attacks may only strengthen theresolve of the terror-victim population.

CrackBass said...

i wish someone would bomb the League. That guy is an ass. Total ass. If he ever comes to my neighborhood, I personally will make it my lifetime goal to see that he never makes it to the bordello on my block. Hot in phoenix my ass.