Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Steanso is still here. Barely.

Looks like the kids at the advanced criminal law seminar at Corpus Christi may be getting some hurricane rain. See, I knew there was a reason I didn't go play on the beach instead of going to court all week (and I bet that all of that Corpus Christi ocean water smells like sour grapes, anyway).

Good ol' George is supposed to announce his candidate for the Supreme Court, tonight, kids.
I, for one, am all atwitter with excitement to see who George picks to be our next champion of constitutional interpretation. Seriously- a lifetime appointment to one of the most powerful governmental bodies in the land, and the decision is being left up to George W. Bush and his cronies. The very idea that Bush will have the power to choose his predecessor has scared Chief Justice Rehnquist into downplaying his own health problems with thyroid cancer and insisting, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, that he has no intention of retiring any time soon. ("No, no. This cancer thing is no big deal. Really. Look! I can walk it off!")
Anyway, watch closely, kids. Once again, Steanso is betting that Bush is about to make something really bad happen (or try to , anyway). Do yourself a favor and send an email to your congressman if Bush tries to nominate someone who's going to step on your civil liberties or undermine the enviroment or average citizens for big business. My guess is that Bush will nominate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, his former legal adviser. On the up side, Gonzales could be the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court. On the down side, Gonzales seems to enjoy the endorsement of civil-liberty-shredding legislation such as the Patriot Act and the violation of human rights, even when they're protected by international law (i.e., the Geneva Convention) with word games and semantic dodges ("Well, Mr. President, it's true that we aren't allowed to torture enemy soldiers under the Geneva Convention, but placing enemy combatants under physical duress during interrogation, why that's something altogether different.") I'm not sure that Mr. Gonzales is really ready to take the reigns when it comes to safeguarding my constitutional rights.
Anyhoo, I don't mean to sound like Chicken Little, and the sky hasn't fallen yet, but I'm just saying that you guys may want to watch this one closely. There's bound to be some crazy footwork going on once this nomination is announced, and you don't want to miss the floor show. All of that smoke and those dazzling mirrors....

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CrackBass said...

sour grapes make deilcious wine. and probably this delicious crown royale....

we still miss you, steanso

please come on down to sunny corpus