Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Well, Steanso is still in a great deal of actual, physical pain following the beach bender weekend, so it may be too soon to calmly reflect. But here goes...
Suffice it to say that I had a really fun trip, and I think everyone had a good time. Jeff and Andy did some fishing, and Sigmund and I realized that we are utterly incapable of setting up a tent and/or camp site on our own (fortunately we had friendly, helpful neighbors). We ate some good seafood, saw some fireworks, and stood chest deep in the ocean discussing the frequency and nature of shark attacks on the Texas Gulf Coast. We invented mixed drinks (kudos to the Pea for the Summer Delights) and we saw dolphins and hermet crabs and sunsets (a few of us saw sunrises) and kung fu karaoke and we let the salt water wash over us and fix our ailments. It was a good time, and we all seemed to sort of need it to catch our breath. Thanks to all of the beachgoers- Kim, Rami, Sigmund, Andy, Jeff, and Mandy- for making it so much fun and getting along so well. A trip is only as good as the company that you keep, and this was a good trip.
Now I'm back in the real world, though, and there is much to do. No time for a political rant, but I think it's screwed up that Judith Miller from the New York Times was jailed today for refusing to give up the name of a source.
I think maybe she should have thought harder before publishing the identity of a CIA operative, but I think it's important that reporters be allowed to protect their sources. It's all part of our big system of checks and balances regarding abuse of power.


CrackBass said...

It's Sigmund "Fathead" Bloom's 30th birthday! Everyone wish Sigmund a happy one!

J.S. said...

My bad! She never even got around to publishing that name! Oh, the humanity!