Monday, July 25, 2005

Well, I'm back from Beaumont.
Actually, as you may or may not remember, Steanso travelled to Beaumont in order to attend a film screening of Superman. Roundball, Steanso's brother, had been initially scheduled to give a short speech introducing the movie (Roundball being known far and wide as a champion of comic books, Superman, and other geek- related endeavors), but somehow Roundball's weasley ass wormed his way out of the speech, so the plan turned into us just driving down there to watch this screening of the movie (apparently Superman was included as part of the summer film lineup at the Jefferson Theater in large part because Roundball insisted upon it). Well, the film projector broke, and there was no screening to be had. Over 4 hours of road trip for me and a plane trip from Phoenix for Roundball and Mrs. Roundball, and no Superman movie.
Actually, that's not true. The projector died about ten minutes into the movie, just as Krypton blew up, leading Jim (Roundball's buddy who planned this whole shindig) to point out that this must have been the Superman story from the perspective of Superman's parents.
So we went drinking. In Beaumont. At 3:00 in the afternoon. There are only about 4 bars in downtown Beaumont, and three of them weren't open yet. We settled upon what passes for a college bar in Beaumont (a place which, as Jim also pointed out, the Real World cast would definitely have frequented if The Real World actually ever took the time to go to Beaumont), and we drank beers and watched Jim get depressed because his film had malfunctioned. Which really wasn't that big a deal, because we had all seen that film before, anyway. Finally some of Jim's other friends showed up to whisk Jim off to Lake Charles so he could drink and gamble his sorrows away. We retreated to Ma and Pa Steanso's house in Spring to drink more beer and float in the pool, and that was all good. Thus endeth the story of Steanso's first, and quite possibly last, trip to Beaumont.
I got back to Austin just in time for Mono E practice last night. It was a pretty good practice, but it ran way later than usual, and Steanso is tired today.
I went to lunch today with Team Bloom, Crackbass, and Killer Kraber. It was pretty good. Among other things, we discussed the kind of genetic freakishness which had produced such a great cyclist in Lance Armstrong and how he gets away with doping. Also discussed were the quantity and nature of drugs which might be considered performance enhancing in the great sport of Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Also briefly discussed was the fact that poker isn't a real sport. And the missing twelve hours in the Carl Rove spy ratting out case. And where is Jennifer's food?
Also, briefly we discussed my forthcoming unemployment, but I found that unpleasant, so I changed the subject.

I just can't figure out much more to talk about today, I'm really tired, and I need to look at sites that might get me a jobby job. Peace, ya'll.


Sigmund Bloom said...

Team Bloom? Is that like Team Zissou? If so, bad ass.

JMD said...

Actually, my friends who arrived were there to see Flash Gordon that night (which the Steans crew opted against seeing and which might now have showed anyway - although it ultimately did). The decision to go to the casino wasn't made officially until Clan Steans decided they would be leaving the shining metropolis of Beaumont and not staying for Flash or any other boozing activities. Apologies again for the inconvenience.