Thursday, July 28, 2005

Howdy. Last night the Wilsons took me out for dinner (theoretically in an effort to celebrate me leaving my last job and my new chances to explore other opportunities- which was a really nice idea. Talk about trying to look at the glass as being half full....). Anyway, we went to this place called Moonshine which is on Red River at 3rd Street (by the convention center), and it was really cool. The place is built in an old house, or the combination of a couple of old houses, and it has some really nice dining rooms as well as outdoor seating. I met the owner, a really nice guy named Doug whom I would have mistaken for one of the customers or kitchen staff if Crackbass hadn't introduced me to him, and he gave us the tour. We got to see the large, extremely old wine cellar below the place, hear about the modifications that they're making in order to keep the volume down in their various dining rooms, and see the upstairs balconey which Doug wants to expand into a seating area for cocktails. Apparently the restaurant seats 300, but it feels much more intimate because its layout is broken down into a half dozen or so smaller dining areas and bars.
The food was excellent, and in my untrained opinion, fairly unique. It largely consists of modern twists on traditional, southern homestyle cooking. We had corndog shrimp and brautwurst for appetizers, a couple of wicked cocktails whose names I can't remember, and for entrees we had snapper, salad, and ribeye steak. I tried a taste of everything (including their very excellent macaroni and cheese), and all of the dishes were very good. It was all very yummy, and if I thought there was any chance that Doug would read this, I would send him a mad shout out of thanks for being such a gracious host. It's cool to see someone who has so much enthusiasm and energy for his restaurant managing to pass his enjoyment along to other people. Doug had some cool stories about how he would sometimes sit and drink a glass of water on the front steps of the place and anonymously listen to the comments that customers made as they wandered their way out of the restaurant. As long as they were saying some really good things to each other about their meals, he said he figured that he was doing a passable job. Doug is a smart man.
Tomorrow is my last day, apparently, as an employee over here. Steanso needs to get set up with a home 'puter, so you guys may need to bear with him on the blog for a while.
I gotta go make some phone calls.
Peace out.

p.s.- Late breaking news. Remember how I was talking about how I liked the space program the other day because I thought it brought out some of the best attributes in human nature? Well, I also like it because of stuff like this:
Who wouldn't enjoy a space program where our astronauts are doing flip turns before parallel parking the space shuttle? Kickass.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your job status. When one door closes another opens. Yes, that's cliche, but true. From what you've mentioned...good riddance to bad rubbish...okay, okay...enough from me but good luck with your search. Employers would be lucky to have King Shirtface on their team.


J.S. said...

Thanks, Rami. You're wee, but you're a good egg!

CrackBass said...

Well, RRR's posting is nice. but it is much funnier than intended, if, say, maybe you've had a few glasses of wine and mistakenly read "King Shirtface" as "King Shitface." As a matter of fact, i'm actually pretty disappointed in RRR for not calling you KIng Shitface.

The League said...

King Shirtface?

Just remember, as you pack your bag and take your office plant home... It's one thing to go out the door as a man without a job who people will remember fondly. It's entirely another thing to be the guy who caused such an amazing scene that boss, office manager and office mates will still be talking about your departure for years and years to come.

"You think you're having an amazing last day? Let me tell you about an attorney I used to work with and how fast the cops can show up when needed."