Monday, October 30, 2017


Hey!  It's been a busy, but fun week over at our house.
With Halloween right around the corner, I carved a jack-o'-lantern with Raylan on Wednesday night.
I asked him what sort of face the jack-o'-lantern should have, and he seemed to put some serious thought into it before responding that it should be a sad pumpkin with a square nose.  I tried to throw out some other, more traditional jack-o'-lantern face choices (happy, scary, etc.), but he was set on sad with a square nose.  Soooo....

I'm not sure why I'm sad, doc.  It's just sort of a general malaise...
On Friday Amy and I celebrated our anniversary!  Four years of marriage!
I love you, Amy!  We had a busy day planned, but we got a chance to go out to lunch together at Zocalo Cafe, and that was nice.
Friday afternoon my office held it's annual trick or treating event for the children of our employees.
It's a really fun deal.  People decorate pretty much the whole floor for our trial division with spooky decorations.  Some people dress up, and lots of people hand  out candy.

The Super Paralegals!  David is Captain America, JJ is Storm, and
Jamie is some sort of weird Batgirl (I told her that Batgirl doesn't
wear a tutu, but she seemed unfazed)
I thought that Raylan would be sort of scared of all of the decorations and people in costume, but he was pretty happy to take part in the whole thing.  He's been reading some books about trick or treating, and he's seen a few cartoons about it, and he jumped right in.

Raylan scores some loot from Ashley, one of our most fun and
festive interns.
Raylan also ran into one of his former schoolmates, Will, whose
mother I work with.  It was sort of funny.  They've both grown so much since
seeing each other, but I got the feeling that they sort of recognized each other in a
vague way.  But couldn't quite place it...
Anyway, Raylan enjoyed the trick or treating much more than I expected.  He grabbed candy, and said, "Trick or treat!" and, "Happy Halloween!"
He also wore his ghost costume the whole time.  Amy made it, and it's really cute.
Raylan wanted to be a happy ghost, and Amy really pulled it off.

Later on Friday night Amy's parents arrived in town for a visit.
They didn't get to our house until about 8:30 (Raylan was asleep), but we had dinner and a drink with them and got to catch up.  It was really nice.

On Saturday Amy and Jean went to the gym, and we ran a few errands (one with her parents).  In the afternoon, Greg and I went over to the Austin Beer Garden Brewery for their October Fermentation Fest.  We had some beers, sat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, and just got a chance to chat and relax a bit.  It was really fun!  We also got some cool boot-shaped beer glasses that they were using for the festival.

Greg suits up for Fermentation Fest
On Saturday the four adults plus Raylan went to La Posada for dinner.  The food was good, the conversation was good, and we had a nice time.

On Sunday Greg and I went to see Bladerunner 2049 at the Alamo.  I had seen the movie once before, but I had felt, even seeing it the first time, that it was a film that was definitely deserving of a number of repeat viewings.
We had a really good time.  Greg actually caught a clue early in the movie that I wasn't able to catch. [spoiler] There is a name written upon a wall at the beginning of the film at Sapper Morton's farm which is apparently a woman's name, written in Russian.  Greg actually reads some Russian, and he said he figured that the name would have some importance later in the film.  Well, as they eventually end up going on the hunt for the replicant child...
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie again.

On Sunday evening we met up with my parents at the Salt Lick out in Driftwood.  On the day that we had been married back in 2013, we had a family dinner out at the Salt Lick, so it seemed appropriate to go out there again.  As luck would have it, the hostess sat us at the same table where we had sat 4 years ago.  It's a big place, so that was sort of weird!

The more things change...

Mother-daughter barbecue time!

Yes, there's a Tardis in the parking lot at the Salt Lick.
Of course.
Time Lords love BBQ.

Raylan's grandmas!

We had a great time having everyone join us for dinner!  It's kind of a haul to get to the Salt Lick, so thanks to the parents/grandparents for coming out!

Raylan has a bit of a cold or something which has been slowly developing over the weekend, so we ended up cutting dinner a little bit shorter than we otherwise might have, but we still had a nice time.
(By last night he even had a little bit of a fever, although he slept in this morning and seems to be doing better).

Anyway, that was the weekend!  It was fun!

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

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