Monday, October 23, 2017


Our week was good, but went by really fast.

The work week seemed particularly busy.
After a day involving a hearing in district court on Thursday, Amy came home and made pasta with sausage and spinach.  I came home from working late(ish) at vet court to a very nice meal.  I love my wife!
On Saturday we had a foster care training all day.  The material was pretty good, but the pace of presentation was a little slow.  That night Amy and I had a nice dinner at Cypress Grill.
Mom and Dad took Raylan on Saturday.  He went to a pumpkin patch and the park and got to see some horses.  Seems like he had a blast.

Sunday was mostly occupied by running errands and taking care of chores.  We did grocery shopping, installed a carbon monoxide detector and a new light fixture, and took care of a few other errands.
That was about it.  We also watched Kingdergarten Cop and Gremlins.

So that was the weekend.  This is a short post, but it was a quick weekend.

Have a good week!!

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