Wednesday, November 01, 2017


A rare, midweek post, but...
Yesterday was Halloween!

I went to work during the day.  No, I didn't wear a mask in court all morning, but once the defendants had been cleared out of Court 8 after dockets were done, I posed with the Court 8 ladies and the judge for a picture.

From left to right, that's me, Carla, Libby, Veronica, Krishna, and Rebecca.
 Judge Barrera is the Iron Man in the back.
On the drive home from the office it was cold outside and raining.  The rain sort of alternated between a mist and genuine showers.  I wasn't sure there was going to be any trick or treating at all.
I stopped and picked up some pizza for the fam on my way home.
By the time we got done eating, the rain had stopped, at least momentarily.  Ryan and Jamie's neighborhood traditionally has more decorations and more trick or treaters than our 'hood, so we decided to put on our costumes and make a quick dash over there so Raylan could hit a few houses. We really weren't sure how much Raylan would like trick or treating or whether he would wear his costume, and we weren't sure whether the weather would hold up, but we wanted to give it a try.

Jean, Amy, and Greg suit up for the big event 

Well, helloooooooo, pumpkin!
Ryan was out of town on a work trip for his new job, but Jamie was at their house handing out treats.
We stopped by to say hi, and then worked our way up and down their street.
Raylan loved it!  We had to sort of wrangle him to make sure he ran to the right houses, but he eagerly ran up to the doors, knocked on them, and even said "trick or treat!" and "happy Halloween!".
He got so excited that it was actually sort of hard to keep up with him at times.  He commented on the decorations at people's houses and on the costumes that the kids were wearing.

A happy ghost, a happy pumpkin, and a jellyfish who happens
to really dig Pink Floyd

Raylan, paralyzed with indecision about the candy options.

A ghost, possessed by the spirit of Halloween

Anyway, it did rain a little bit, but it didn't seriously start coming down until after we had finished the block.  Raylan was both worked up with excitement as well as getting tired after covering the block (these might sound mutually exclusive, but any toddler parent will assure you that they are not), so we quit while we were ahead.  We went back to Aunt Jamie's house, and Raylan got to play with the dogs a bit.  Greg and Jean got a quick tour of Ryan's comic and figure collection (which they were appropriately amazed by).
Anyway, it was a very successful Halloween.  As I was tucking Raylan in to go to sleep that night, he asked me if I remembered trick or treating (which had happened an hour prior) and told me that he liked seeing all of the people and that he had fun.
Sounds like a positive review to me.


Rick said...

A wonderful first Halloween! Good job Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa Greg and Aunt Jamie.

J.S. said...

Thanks! We had fun!