Sunday, October 08, 2017


Hi!  Hope your October is off to a good start!
We had a pretty good (albeit busy) week, followed by a nice weekend.
Friday night we played with Raylan and goofed around.  I think we ate some Indian takeout, and we watched some of that Vietnam War documentary.  We've also been watching American Vandal on Netflix, so we watched an episode of that.  I'm always sort of reluctant to recommend comedies to people because I find that your  mileage varies greatly depending on whether the show or movie appeals to the particular sense of humor of the person watching, but we're really enjoying American Vandal (which is a sort of parody of any number of true crime "documentaries" from recent years).

Raylan unwinds on a Friday afternoon with a ride on his trusty steed.
While he was up there he also picked some acorns from our
oak trees.

The important thing to remember about catching a ride on Mom is
to keep a good grip on her face...
On Saturday morning we got up fairly early and ate breakfast at Juan in a Million.  We hadn't been there in a while.  Raylan seemed to enjoy his taco.
Afterward we drove over to Butler Park to wander around.

"Should we go to Butler Park?" she asked.
"Is Raylan going to get wet?"  I responded.  "I'm not sure he needs to get all wet."
"The splash pad won't even be turned on!"

"I'm having funnnnnn!!!!"  (actual Raylan quote)

Into the great, wide open.

So we went to the Liz Carpenter splash pad, watched the turtles swim around the Butler pond, climbed Doug Sahm Hill for a glimpse of the skyline, and wandered over to Auditorium Shores to see the dogs swimming in Ladybird Lake.
Afterward we headed home.  We went to the grocery store.  We played a little bit at the house, and had lunch.  Raylan napped, and we worked out.
Amy made some tasty pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.
Saturday evening Shelly and Kit came over to watch the UT v. Kansas State game.
It was good to get a chance to hang out with them, and the game was pretty good, too.
UT ended up winning in overtime, but Shelly and Kit missed the end because Shelly thought she might be going into labor (false alarm!).

UT is looking pretty good, but we've got Oklahoma next week, and I have a bad feeling about that one.  They may end up being the best team that we've played so far, and we're barely clearing the hurdle with some of these unranked teams.  I still like Sam Ehlinger as a quarterback.  He's not all that much better than Shane Buechele in terms of stats, but he's just more fun to watch.  He's also a true freshman, and I think he might develop into an even better quarterback.

On Sunday we got up and walked over to Central Market for breakfast.  Amy didn't really eat anything (she claimed she was full from the day before- although I'm not even sure that's really a thing), but Raylan and I ate a lot and stared at her (not really, we had a nice time and Amy got a bit of Raylan's large fruit cup).

Raylan demands that his mom make a hermit crab out of her hands.
Raylan has a story book at home with a farmer's market in it, and he keeps asking, "What is that?"
So, after breakfast, we climbed into the car and took him to a farmer's market over in Mueller.

They were still setting things up when we arrived, so we wandered over to the nearby playground for a bit.  The playground is next to the Thinkery, and it's pretty nice.

Raylan waiting for his turn on the swings. 

Totally worth the wait.
We hung out at the playground for a while and then wandered back through the farmer's market.
We didn't really buy anything other than a fruit drink.
There was a lady who was selling pony rides, and Raylan loudly announced, "I NEED to ride on those ponies!"
So we sat him down and had a long talk about the difference between wants and needs, emphasizing the importance of patience and deferred gratification.

Just kidding.


"I'm riding!!"

Seriously, Raylan might have been upset if I didn't let him ride the pony, but Amy would have been really upset if I didn't let Raylan ride the pony.
Raylan was a natural.  He didn't seem scared on the pony at all.
Of course, now that I think about it, when he rides on my shoulders he's about six and half feet off the ground with a bumpier ride.  Maybe being on a pony hasn't been his scariest riding experience.

Anyway, afterward we went home for lunch and nap.  Amy and I took turns going to the gym.
After nap we hung out at the house and played.  Ryan stopped by with a multicolored, light up, happy ghost toy for Raylan.

In the evening I went to band practice.  Reed, Eric, Frank, and I were there, but Jim had to skip.  We played a number for Tom Petty songs in honor of his passing this week.  I thought we pulled them off pretty well.  We also talked about the shooting of 58 people at the music festival in Vegas this week and the madness of the gun situation in this country, and played "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" as a sort of punctuation mark for that conversation.

I got home, and had spaghetti dinner with Amy.  It was really good.
Stayed up too late reading a book.

And that was it!

Hope everyone has a nice week.

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