Monday, October 03, 2016


So we had a pretty good weekend!
On Thursday I helped a couple of other friends from work in throwing an office baby shower for our friends Libby and Jordan.  Libby is in the trial division with me, and we've been friends for years.  Her husband, Jordan, is in the domestic violence division in our office.  They're good folks, so we got some snacks and desserts and threw a little shower for them.  Amy and I got them a book (Jazz Baby) and a hat and a towel.  Also, most importantly, Amy's mom, Jean, gave a really nice quilt for us to pass along to them that she had made.  They seemed to really like it and appreciate it.

(Ain't no party like an alcohol-free, office conference
room baby-havin' party!)

On Friday night Mom and Dad kept Raylan overnight, so Amy and I went to Cypress Grill for a couple of beers and some tasty Cajun food.  I had blackened catfish with etoufee and Amy had trout meuniere (I think).  We both had gumbo.
Anyway, it was a nice dinner, and a nice evening.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for giving us the gift of some grown up time!  I love Raylan to death, but I love Amy, too, and it was really nice to have some time alone with her.

On Saturday we got to sleep in a little bit.  Then we spent some time running a couple of errands, cleaning up, and setting up Halloween decorations.
Mom and Dad showed up before the UT-OSU game started at 11:00 to bring back Raylan and watch the game.
The game turned out to be pretty terrible.  Despite having two weeks off since losing to Cal, and despite every media source in Texas crying out for substantial changes to the Texas defense (and many calls for the replacement of Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford), Texas continued to look every bit as bad as they had in the Cal game, with defense being the worst part of the problem.
In short, hope dwindled, and it's starting to look like UT isn't going to be much improved over the last couple of years.  Charlie Strong's position is in serious jeopardy.
No one really wants Strong removed, but the University of Texas sinks too much money and energy into its football program to tolerate underachievement and mediocre results for significant periods of time.  
Strong was brought in with the expectation that he would be able to turn the team around and produce some significant results in a relatively short order (as he had done at Louisville).  He's in his third season, and that doesn't seem to be happening.  He doesn't need to hit it out of the park this year, but he needs to have a pretty good season, and that's looking increasingly less likely.
Anyway, the game was pretty bad, but it was fun to hang out with Mom and Dad.  We ate some pizza and had a chance to catch up.

(Spooktacular Halloween decorations!)

Later on Saturday afternoon we took Raylan to Dick Nichols Park for a bit.  We had fun, but he found the splash pad pretty quickly (which he's drawn to like a bear to honey), so our trip was cut a little short on account of soaking wet toddler.

Sunday we got up and walked down to Central Market for breakfast.  Beautiful weather.  Afterward we hung out for just a little bit at the house.


Then we went to the zoo.  We got there pretty early, which was nice because it wasn't crowded and the animals were up and about.
Raylan was really excited to be there.  It was fun.

("Ok, here's some stuff to eat.  After that, I get to ride you...")

We fed the goats, rode the train, and saw the lions, bears, and tiger.  Also saw a pig eating.  
And fans.  Raylan's toddler brain is obsessed with fans.  A number of the enclosures are equipped with electric fans to keep the animals cool in the summer, and Raylan was every bit as excited about the fans as he was the animals.  He also liked the cars in the parking lot.

("Cheerios and a train?  Okay, I can work with you guys on this.")

In the afternoon we all went to the grocery store together.  It was a circus, but Raylan enjoyed the trip.
Mandy was at ACL Fest (weekend 1- I'm planning on attending weekend 2 next week), so we went over to feed her dogs, Lucy and Darla.  Darla is younger than Cassidy and doesn't mind toddlers as much, so it's fun for Raylan to get to see her.

And that was pretty much the weekend!
It was a nice one with beautiful weather.  It went by too fast!





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