Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey! Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Ours was nice.

Friday night we ate pizza and then I think I just drank some beer and played guitar after Raylan was in bed.  Amy did some stitching, I think.  On Saturday I went grocery shopping in the morning and ran some errands while Amy took Raylan to the park.  Amy exercised, and in the afternoon I got an oil change and ran a few more errands.  We took turns playing with Raylan.
Saturday night we had a babysitter (one of the teachers from Raylan's daycare), and we went out to dinner and then went to a party that Ryan and Jamie threw.
The party was fun.  We got to catch up with some old friends, watch the UT-Iowa State game, and have a few treats.  Our friend D.K. was there, and even though I work at the courthouse with her, I really haven't had a chance to talk to her in a long time, so that was good.
We also got to wish Matt and Nicole congratulations on their engagement.
So it was a fun party!  Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for hosting.

On Sunday we went out to Steiner Ranch.
John and Julie Bridenstine were in town with their kids, Ben, Brandy, and Beau.  They went to the UT game and stayed with my parents.
It was great to see them!  Their kids seemed really excited to meet Raylan.  Raylan seemed slightly intimidated by the bigger kids at first, but he warmed up to them very quickly.  He was following Beau around by the time we left.
"I'm showing these guys how my stuff works, Dad,"

Continuing a lifelong tradition of semi-chaotic meals
when our families get together
Beau explains to Raylan the importance of a good stick

After breakfast and some time hanging out with John, Julie, and the kids we headed home so Raylan could take a nap.  Except he didn't want to take a nap.
We tried and tried to get him to go down, but it didn't happen.
We had planned to go to a pumpkin patch out in Bastrop in the afternoon with our friends Adam and Katie and their daughter, Ophelia, but Raylan's schedule got all out of whack, and it was a lot warmer out than we expected.
Instead, we ended up going to an event in Hyde Park that was, as far as we knew, just a tour of a fire engine at the local fire station.  Instead, it turned out be a costume parade with not only a fire engine, but also a live band and food provided by local businesses.  Raylan got not one but two balloons!
We met up with Adam, Katie, and Ophelia, but we lost track of them somewhere along the parade route, and I guess they ended up going home (maybe Ophelia wasn't down for all of the excitement).
We also hung out with Chad and Mary and Truett and ran into Heather and Otto and Katarina, J.R., and Logan.  So all of the kiddos from the Environmental Protection Division baby class of 2014-15 were in attendance!
The event was fun, but a little bit crowded and crazy.  We were all there, but I'm not sure we all hung out with each other (although we all visited a bit at different points in time).

(If you look very closely at this picture you might be able
to spot Amy and Raylan watching the band)

(a moment of recognition between Logan and Raylan)

After the parade/costume contest/fire engine show, we walked over to see Chad and Mary's new house in Hyde Park.  It's a really cool house in a very nice neighborhood.  It's a really nice place, and it sounds like they have some plans to make some improvements, as well, before they move in.
Raylan and Truett had a lot of fun running around the empty house, playing with each other, and roaming around the yard.

("If you really put your back into it, Truett, you can
make sure the mini blinds don't get away.")


("Truett, are you just gonna sit there or are you gonna help me try to
break some more stuff?")

 In the evening we went home and got Raylan dinner, a bath, and bed.  He collapsed hard.
Amy made some delicious pasta.  Yum!!
We watched Westworld and called it a night.

That was our weekend.  It was nice! 




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