Monday, October 24, 2016


Hey! How's everyone doing?
Fall is falling!
Well, in Austin we've dipped below temperatures that are in the 90's, so that's about as close as we get!
We had a few hiccups this weekend, but, overall, it was still a nice couple of days.
Friday night Amy went out and had some wine and appetizers with Shelly and Emily, a couple of her friends from work, while Raylan and I had father-son night at home (which, it turns out, is a lot like every other night, except, perhaps, with a few less vegetables for dinner).
After Raylan was in bed, I took the chance to engage in a non-Amy activity: watching a horror movie on HBO.  I watched Jeepers Creepers.  It's kind of dumb, but still fun.  It was the second time that I've seen it.
Ryan and Jamie and I have been watching "spooky" movies once a week during October (Amy is, I think, relieved that I have found someone else to watch them, given that she doesn't really like them, and I have a tendency to try to pressure her into watching them with me around Halloween).
Anyway, it's been fun to watch them with Ryan and Jamie, and on Friday night we were having nice, cool weather, so, even though I was alone, it was fun to have the windows open, Raylan in bed, the Halloween decorations lit up, and a scary movie on TV.
On Saturday morning we woke up and Raylan had some kind of toddler mystery goop in his eye, which also seemed a little irritated and pink.
Fearing pink eye, I took him over to the Austin Regional Clinic.  It turned out that he didn't have pink eye, but he did have an ear infection.  Wheeeee!  Anyway, we got him some amoxicillin and started him on it, even though he seemed like he was doing pretty well.
We watched the UT-Kansas State football game, and Shelly and Kit came over to watch.  Amy made queso.
It was fun to have Shelly and Kit over, but the game was pretty bad.  UT played pretty poorly.  They had a sort of rally toward the end of the game, which, in a way, was even more frustrating because it sort of demonstrated that they had been underperforming throughout much of the rest of the game.
But, it was fun to see Shelly and Kit.

Raylan shows Kit how to play Raylanball

At some point Amy took Raylan to the park for a bit, as well.
"I'm steering!  I'm steering!!"
Sometime toward the end of the football game Raylan started showing signs that he wasn't feeling great.  He wouldn't really nap, he started getting cranky, and he had head congestion (I'll spare you the details). 
Anyway, we were supposed to go to have dinner with the Shaw family that night, but we ended up cancelling because Raylan seemed worn out and sort of sick, and we didn't want to push our luck.  It was a bummer.  We'd been looking forward to dinner with the Shaws, and I'd even bought some Star Trek beer to bring over for the occasion!  Hopefully we can reschedule.
Anyway, instead of the fun Shaw dinner I went to the grocery store while Amy watched Raylan.

On Sunday we went out to Steiner Ranch to go to their pumpkin patch.  The whole family went!
It was a pretty brief trip, but fun.  They had some booths set up to sell treats, do crafts, and play games.  Proceeds went to the Dell Children's Hospital and other charities.

Ryan and Jamie sat here for 8 hours debating which pumpkin to get...


There was a giant pumpkin that you could guess the weight of in order to win a prize.  Raylan was strangely attracted to it and kept running over to stand beneath it with his hands on it (like some weird form of toddler vegetable-idol worship).
"Dad, I'm not sure I should be sitting on this
pumpkin.  I think it could be important..."

Arts and crafts with Mom and Grandma

After the pumpkin patch we had lunch over at Mom and Dad's house, and then we took Raylan home for a nap.  He slept for quite a while.

There was a brief trip to the park after that, and then I went over to Reed's house where we had Wastewood practice and drank the Star Trek beer that had been intended for our ill-fated dinner.  We had a good practice.  We played a lot of music.

And that was pretty much the weekend.
As usual, it went by really fast!

Thanks to shelly and Kit for coming over, the Shaw family for trying to have us over (and having me for band practice), and Mom and Dad for buying us a pumpkin and feeding us lunch!

Have a good week!






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