Monday, August 03, 2015


Hey! How's everyone doing?  Our weekend was pretty good.  Last week was Amy's last week of part timeness, so we were doing sort of a transition week with Raylan- taking him to a half day of daycare each day to get him used to the place and his teachers before he started full time.  On Thursday Mom came and took care of Raylan all day (yay for grandmas!).  Thursday night Ryan and Jamie stopped by to see Raylan and eat some pizza.  We all hung out and stared at baby.  Raylan actually managed to roll over a couple of times while he was on the floor.  This was a first for Amy and I, and it was met with much wild applause by the whole family.  Later that night I tried rolling around in bed to see if Amy would applaud, but no.  Baby bias!
Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for getting the pizza.  Next chow is on us!

(Ryan tries to get Raylan to do a trick by sheer force of will)

(Raylan and Cassidy checking in with one another
during playtime)
On Friday I took the day off.  We took Raylan to his daycare while we ran a couple of errands and did some shopping.  The theory was that he needed to go on Friday to it wouldn't be four days of no daycare before he started up full time the following week.  Unexpectedly, Mom and Dad were downtown on Monday and decided to stop in to check out Raylan's daycare, so they ended up hanging out with him for a while (which was cool).  So Raylan saw Mom and Dad on Friday, but I did not.
On Saturday I went to Costco and ran a few errands (Goodwill, Home Depot...) while Amy hung out with Raylan and did some house stuff.  Later on that day I went car shopping with my dad.  My trusty, beloved 2000 CRV is apparently going to have to be retired soon, after 15 years of faithful service.  It still runs okay, but the air conditioner doesn't blow as cold as it once did, and, of course, even though it still runs pretty well, it's not as reliable as a newer car (still, it's remarkable that I can only really remember one repair of  any significance during my tenure with that car).  Weak A/C and potential reliability weren't really major issues a year ago, but now that I frequently have a baby in the car...
Anyway, we kicked some tires and sat in a few vehicles.  I still haven't bought anything yet, but I'm getting closer.  Meanwhile, Mom hung out with Raylan and Amy while Amy cleaned up a bit and made a sundried tomato dip for her baby playdate get together on Sunday.
On Sunday some of Amy's friends/co-workers came over with their kiddos to hang out for a while.  Amy has three friends from work (Heather, Katarina, and Mary) who all had babies right around the same time (all first time parents, and all of the children boys).  The ages of the babies at our little get together were 7 months, 6 months, 5 months, and 4 months, respectively.  It's been a lot of fun having friends to bounce ideas, experiences, and opinions off while going through this baby adventure.  In addition to being fun, it's helped to relieve some anxiety.
We had a good  time getting the little guys together.  They played with toys, paid some attention to each other, and interacted with the parents.
Chad, Mary's husband, also came by, I got to hang out with him and drink a couple of beers.  Amy put out some cheese and crackers and veggies.  My parents stopped by after church to see all of the babies.  They got a kick out of it, I think.

(Heather, Katarina, Amy, and Mary with
Otto, Logan, Raylan, and Truett)

(Raylan explaining to Dad why the whole thing's hilarious)
After the baby meetup we hung out for a little while, and then I went over to Reed's house to play music with Frank and Reed.  We played some Decemberists', took a stab at some Phish, and just goofed around.  It was fun.
And that was pretty much the weekend!
It was good.  It went by quickly, but we enjoyed it!

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